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A series of home movies filmed by Dr H. Brenton Porteous between 1928 and 1929 of the Newcastle and Jesmond areas. Events captured include the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary for the opening of the New Tyne Bridge on the 10th October 1928. There are scenes at the Hoppings Fair on Newcastle Town Moor and the Newcastle Quayside Sunday market. The final sections document the North East Coast Exhibition which took place between May and October 1929.

Title: The Cinema Record
Title: Puts the [world] before you
Title: The Cinema Record. Events, Places and Interest
Title: Newcastle upon Tyne.

Title: HM King George V Arriving to Open Tyne Bridge.

A policeman oversees the large crowd, who line the road for the event. A number of military guards ride past on horseback. The horse drawn Royal Carriage with King George V and Queen Mary follows. Two men in top hats ride with the royal couple.

Title: Fair on the Moor.

Two children sit and eat on a park bench. There are shots of children on a helter skelter, swinging on boat swings, collecting coconuts at a fairground stall. Crowds wander through the fair and stand watching a carousel in action. There are various shots of children wandering around the fairground. One small girl carries a teddy bear. There is a low angle shot of a large one carriage boat swing. Three small children sit against the canvas of a tent. A group of children are playing together, two of them seated in a low, hand-pulled buggy on wheels. Groups of adults and children are wandering through the fairground. There are two shots of a biplane that flies over the moor.

Title: Jesmond

Cars, motorbikes and trams, including the 122 tram sporting a Bovril advert, drive by on the Great North Road. This may have been filmed outside 38 Osborne Road, Jesmond, home of Dr Porteous.

Title: Quayside Sunday Morning

Crowds of people walk down The Side towards the Quayside, the Tyne Bridge in the background. There are shots of the large bustling crowds browsing the many stalls along the Quayside, a steam ship moored on the River Tyne in the background. There is a shot of the crowds along the Quayside looking towards the Scotswood Bridge in the near distance. Large crowds watch the auction of a flock of sheep along the Quayside, boats moored on the Tyne in the background. A man stands at his stall hawking goods to the crowds. Crowds gather in front of "Cliffords Auctioneers". There are more views of the crowds on the Quayside with Tyne Bridge in the background.

Title: Bridges

The camera pans along the Tyne waterfront. A bus heads towards camera, crossing the Chain Bridge at Scotswood. There are shots of a shipyard and general views of the Tyne from a viewpoint on a bridge. Further views of the other Tyne bridges include the High Level Bridge, Swing Bridge and Tyne Bridge.

Title: Jesmond Dene

There are shots of the Jesmond Dene parkland, paths and lakes, weirs, the River Ouseburn and the Jesmond Dene Bridge. People are standing near stepping stones across the river. A man starts to cross the stepping stones. Two dogs are running on the pathway, and gamboling on the lawns. A boy walks along the path

Title: 1929 May to October. Presentin’ the North East Coast Exhibition
Title: Before Opening Day

This film sequence documents the North East Coast Exhibition Pavilion and surrounding exhibition area under construction. There are shots of empty stadium seating under construction. Shot of the exterior and entrance to the African Village and the structure of a roller coaster (Himalaya ride) adjacent. Overhead shot of a number of Exhibition Park buildings. Shot of the roller coaster ride framed by window. Men are working on the bridge over a boating lake, the rotunda building of the Palace of the Arts at the far side of the lake. Workmen are scattered around the site.

Title: Whit Monday Crowd.

The film shows large crowds of people at the main entrance to the North East Coast Exhibition. Crowds walk through Exhibition Park and around Exhibition Pavilion, including men dressed in best suits. Visitors walk past the Statue of Industry.

Title: School Party, beside Stadium.

Large groups of schoolchildren are gathered beside the stadium, some seated and some wandering around, two pavilion tents in the background. Schoolgirls in cloche hats lunch on the grass.

Title: August Bank Holiday Crowd.

Large crowds of visitors mill around the main entrance to the North East Coast Exhibition. Inside, visitors stroll around the exhibition grounds. There are views of the art deco Palace of the Arts at the head of the main exhibition avenue. Next, a shot of the bridge to the left crossing the boating lake leading to the Palace of the Arts on the other side of the lake. Simpson's stall is to the right of the stairs leading up to the bridge. People cross the bridge including a young girl with her father.  Visitors row on the lake. The 'Evening Chronicle' Tower is seen across the lake to the right. Two men row their boat under one of the bridge arches. Crowds are moving around a fairground ride called the Catterpillar

Title: African Village

A number of Algerian men and women in traditional dress are pictured beneath a grass-roofed open structure at the North East Coast Exhibition. They are "exhibits" in the African Village themed pavilion. A brief shot features visitors looking down into a yard beside a covered mud hut where an Algerian man and several children are seated.

Title: Jungle.

The roller-coaster ride is operating, with carriages speeding along the track. A sign beside the ride reads "Himalayan Railway". There is a shot of the Crawford Wall of Death motorcycle stunt fairground attraction, a circular wooden structure. The next shots are of various caged animals in the zoo section of the exhibition that include a tiger and lion family. People walk past the Statue of Industry. Shot of Empire Marketing Board Pavilion tower and crowds moving through the grounds.

Title: Fireworks.

The film closes with a fireworks display at night, probably at the North East Coast Exhibition on 26 October 1929.