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NEFA 13502



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An amateur film shot in Newcastle during some of the worst winter weather recorded in the region in February 1941. The film shows various suburban and city centre streets under snow and people and vehicles attempting to negotiate them. The film also shows two well dressed women walking beside the River Tyne at Corbridge, a ladies garden party and three people exploring the ruins of a stone structure, possibly a Roman site near to Hadrian's Wall.

Title: Newcastle Under Snow.

The film opens on a snowy suburban street looking down from a second floor window of a house. Across the street, snow lies on the roofs of all the houses as well as the path and road. A double decker bus travels along the road.

Title: Newcastle on Tyne and Under Snow.

Title: A film record of a record snowstorm.

From another window, a view of snow lying on the front gardens of all the neighbouring houses. Another double decker bus and car pass on the road outside.

Title: This extraordinary storm began with rain Monday 17th Feb, ’41.

Tile: It turned to sleet the next day.

The film shows another street with large trees lining the road and telegraph poles. A child stands in the driveway of large house holding a sled.

Title: Then for two days its snowed and snowed.

An electric double decker tram bus travels towards the camera along a snow-covered road. The bus comes to a stop and is overtaken by a lorry.

Two women use shovels to dig snow and ice from a path in front of building. In the background there are gas street lamps and a snowplough clearing snow from the road.

Pedestrians walk along Granger Street and a man crosses the snow covered road. Snow and ice are piled up along the curb. A snowplough travels up Granger Street clearing the road of  and passes 'Timpsons Shoes' and the 'Weaver to Weaver' department store. In the background a double decker bus turns into Market Street.

An electric single decker tram bus passes with a snowplough attached to the front. In the cabin of the tram three men in dark uniforms and caps drive the tram and observing the snow being moved. A lorry travels through a crossroads while pedestrians walk along the path or cross the road. Some are carrying umbrellas to protect against the falling snow.

A woman holding an umbrella walks along a footpath which has been cut out from the piled up snow from the road. In the background more people are crossing the road next to 'George Wilkes & Sons' furniture store and 'Rutland Furnishing', which was on the corner of Clayton Street and Newgate Street.

In front of The Church of St Thomas The Martyr near the Haymarket a man clears snow from the road with a shovel. A group of men shovel snow into the back of a truck.

Pedestrians cross the road in front of Queens Hall on Northumberland Street. On the other side of the road is a Thomas Cook travel agency.

In another street with a church in the background a group of men work to clear a road of snow. The snow they have shovelled is piled high along the roadside.

In a suburban street two men have to climb over banks of cleared snow as a Elders Walker delivery van travels past the shop front of Stephen Percy. The road has not been cleared and the van is bumping along the groves in the snow left by previous vehicles.

A van is stuck in the snow at it turns right out of a road junction. Behind it, a car turns left . Eventually the van begins to move and free itself from the snow and moves off. The road is busy with pedestrians who walk cautiously either in the road or along the pavement. Others are using shovels to clear the snow from their driveways.

Two men shovel snow behind a car that is parked in the middle of the road.In

A group of men shovel snow from a road as a Jennings delivery van drives past.

General view of a street that has only been partially cleared of snow. Two women walk along a road past a large gully made from piled snow.

A YMCA lorry drives cautiously along a suburban road past the 'St Margaret's Hotel'. From a second floor window inside the hotel people are seen walk cautiously along the snow covered road. A double decker bus reverses into the street.

A man uses a shovel to clear compacted snow from the pavement in front of a house.

Two well-dressed women walk along a path next to River Tyne at Corbridge in Northumberland. The Corbridge Bridge can be seen in the the background. General view of the river and people standing on the bridge.

The two women sit on a large stone next to a stone wall and barbed wire fence. One of the women takes a piece of paper from her handbag and gives it to the other. She then takes a pair of spectacles from her handbag and places them on her nose. She then points to something on the paper she gave to her companion.

In the garden of a large house a woman carries a chair over her head while a waitress serves sandwiches. General views of various tables set up in the garden and women sitting around drinking tea and talking. Another woman in a black dress and white pinafore is serving cakes. A man in a vicars collar sits listening to the women around his table talking.

Beside a pond next to a road a man and a young girl look at a number of ducks on the water. In the background there is a sign that reads 'WT. Wilson, Lane Nursery, Flowers & Tomatoes'. The ducks come out of the water as the young girls feed them by hand.

A man and a woman walk along a stone structure, possibly a Roman ruin near to Hardian's Wall.They both climb down from the structure and the man helps the woman climb over a number of stone slabs.

 The film ends with another man examining and then climbing over a column that lays on its side.

[On February 18th 1941, during the Second World War, a severe snowstorm swept across the North East, with Newcastle-upon-Tyne at its centre.  Snow continued to fall for fifty six hours and drifts of 14 feet were recorded in the region.  Blizzards were noted as the ‘worst since March 1888.’  Power and telegraph lines snapped, food shortages were acute, and six trains were buried in drifting snow north of Newcastle, with over 1000 people trapped on board.  The extreme weather conditions prompted a House of Commons request by the Labour MP for Consett for the release of men from the Army to assist with repairs to property damaged across the Tyneside region.]