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NEFA 11025



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A Tyne Tees Television short news feature on Newcastle upon Tyne's Sunday Quayside market.

The film opens with a panorama of Newcastle from the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, the clock showing five minutes to eleven, towards the Quayside, where people are heading towards the Sunday market. Overhead shot of the Quayside market, the stalls lined up along the river side of the street.

A market stall holder sharpens his sales banter on quite a large crowd, standing amongst a pile of towels he is trying to sell. There are close-ups of the salesman and some of the audience, men and women listening intently and looking at the towels. The stall-holder says: “If you want muck and rubbish, they’re no good to you.” General view of the stall and the crowd.

General view of the Quayside market, now teeming with crowds of people.

A group of young teenagers are hanging around listening to a man with a microphone selling religion in the marketplace. He raises a small crowd. A man stands listening with his three small children, all licking ice lollies. There’s a close-up of the children, one baby wearing a bonnet in a pram, two children holding on to it. A close-up follows of some of the young teenagers listening to the preaching, one girl clutching a small CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) placard that reads: “Before you vote…” plus the CND symbol. The man preaching says: “There’s something in the world that rules our lives … the spirit of the devil.”

Next, there is a shot of a man carrying his young son on his shoulders, the boy holding an ice cream. General view of the packed crowd on the Quayside. Portrait shot of a small child eating a toffee apple.

A man sells trinkets (or cheap jewellery) from a stall to a group of interested women, one picking up a sample. His sales patter is heard: “If you’re not married, I’ll get you married here! Why should I suffer.” The stall holder continues to hawk his trinkets to a mix of old and young in the crowd. General view of the huge crowds on the Quayside.

The film now focuses on a three-card trickster at a stall, one child watching closely. A man in the audience hands back a card. Close-ups of some of the audience follow, including two young boys, one wearing a pair of national health specs. The camera continues to pan from audience to card hand. There’s an extreme close-up of the cards in the stall holder’s hand.

General view of the Quayside market.  A child holds a bunch of decorated balloons.

Overhead shot of the market stalls and crowd (probably from the Tyne Bridge), the crowd thinning out.  General view of the market and pan to the Gateshead side of the River Tyne, which comes to rest on St. Mary's Church, the clock showing the time at 1:15pm.