Film ID:
NEFA 19884



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Record of the CWS Family Fare Exhibition hosted by the Newcastle Co-operative Society in its centenary year, 1960, which includes queuing for the exhibition, arrival of dignitaries and guests of honour, opening speeches, interesting displays around the exhibition, and a fashion show.

Visitors walk through the entrance gateway to the Newcastle Co-operative Centenary Exhibition. A large crowd queues to enter the Family Fare exhibition hall. Inside the exhibition hall, the guards open the doors and crowds (silhouetted) enter the exhibition. Exterior shot of the queue to enter the exhibition hall.

Official guests arrive by car, and walk towards exhibition hall.

Various shots of the opening speech made by the Lady Mayoress of Newcastle followed by representatives of the Board of Management - Mr J H Yeats (Chairman) and Mr W H Patterson (General Manager). General shots of the audience.

There are more shots of crowds attending the exhibition, with typical 1960s style lighting hanging on one stall.

Various shots of the different displays are intercut with browsing audiences, and include a display of closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment, a woman giving a CWS cookery demonstration in 1960s kitchen set up, strange equipment testing the firmness of the upholstery on an armchair back, a woman demonstrating throwing pottery on a wheel.

The CWS (Manchester) Brass Band plays on stage, with shots of the band, conductor and audience.

People shop at the exhibition Co-operative supermarket.

A woman compere sits beside an extravagant bowl of gladioli flowers, and introduces fashion models at a show. A succession of different models parade 1960s Co-op fashion on a catwalk with audience watching. Fashion includes purple pencil skirt two-piece suit.

The closing shots are of visitors leaving the exhibition in early evening.