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NEFA 19746



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An amateur documentary film that shows the different activities of the Newcastle Battalion of the Boys Brigade's Life Boys, and may have been used in recruitment campaigns.

Title: The Life Boys Newcastle on Tyne Area

Title: The Life Boys - Object The Advancement of Christ's Kingdom Amongst Young Boys

Title: The Training of a Body of Suitable Recruits for the Boys Brigade

Title: The Life Boy Motto - Play the Game

A tableau vivant. Three Life Boys hold up a lifebelt with "Life Boys Newcastle area" written on it. A poster reads "Recruits wanted." Two boys are reading the notice, and are approached by three Life Boys.

Title: What do you do in the Life Boys?

Title: Listen and we'll tell you what teams in our area do

The five boys move off together.

Title: Open Air Teamwork

Title: Raising the Flag. Opening Hymn. Inspection and Roll Call

A shot of boys raising the Union Jack in a camp ground. All the assembled boys pray with their hats off. They stand in uniforms for a hand, knee and ear inspection, and are inspected by a senior female Boys Brigade leader.

Title: Life Boy Games

There are shots of relay race, piggy back race and similar games at the campsite.

Title: A Yarn and Raising the Flag

Boys sit cross-legged in a circle and listen to the "yarn" and then stand to attention whilst the flag is lowered. Female leaders talk and salute each other outside Hawthorn Towers in County Durham.

Title: An Area Outing

There is a shot of a rural watermill (?) and the boys are seen on a ramble accompanied by seniors. Portrait shots of two seniors follow. The boys cross a stream over stepping stones. Women seniors paddle in the stream, splashing each other’s legs, pulling their skirts up above their knees. They cross the stepping stones too. Group portrait of seniors in uniform, both male and female, standing outside a large house.

Title: An Area Quarter Deck Parade

Boys and seniors march and parade in Newcastle city centre on the corner of Fenkel Street and Cross Street. A shop sign reads "Campbells and Stewart Mc Donald Ltd." Traffic on the streets includes a tram. General scenes of the parade close the film.