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NEFA 13100



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A compilation of amateur cine club films documenting various corporate and social events: dominoes, cards, football, bowls, a beach picnic at Druridge Bay, the annual flower show and barbeque, and bonfire night at the clubhouse in Byker. The film also includes visits to a number of local water plants at Whittle Dene and Warkworth.

Animated stop-motion title sequences:

Title: The Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company Club presents
Title: A Short Record of Its Activities 1961 & 1962
Title: Byker Clubhouse

A wall-mounted clock reads 7:30. There are various shots of a snooker game. Men and women drink pints of beer, and play dominoes. Shots of darts, and games of cards in progress.

There is a view of a bowling green (possibly Headlam Green, Headlam Road, Byker, Newcastle), a pavilion and a marquee. Men are shooting at a firing range.

Travelling shot from the inside of a car, on the way to a clue in an automobile treasure hunt. Swish cars arrive at a green somewhere in the countryside, and two gentlemen are presented with prizes.

Title: Visit to:- Whittle Dene Filters. 22, June 1962.

A large group of people get off a coach. A smaller group have their picture taken.

In an industrial plant, water is tapped out into different glass beakers.

Title: Picnic at Druridge Bay.
Title: Sunday 29th July 1962.

Families picnic on the sandy beach. A child plays in a canvas tent.

A hand lays a title card over a map of coastal Northumberland,

Title: Visit to:- Filtration Works and Pumping Station, Warkworth. 9 September 1962.

The group wander around a hall or foyer of the filtration works. Some of the group mount a spiral staircase.

Dials, gauges, and clocks cover the length of a wall. Tea is served on the mezzanine level. Men and women smoke.

Title: Flower Show and Barbeque

Close-up view of a poster that reads "The Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company Club Flower Show At The Clubhouse, Byker On Saturday August 1204. 1961. Schedules available in all departments – get yours now. And avoid disappointment. Cash prizes! Popular Gardening. Britain’s Brightest and Best Gardening Weekly."

A marquee is erected on a windy day. Tables are set out.

Terraced houses stretch down a hill towards Newcastle city centre. Children and adults compete in running races. An unwilling young boy cannot be coaxed to run and is picked up, crying. Mothers run behind their daughters, holding on to them with string reins. Fathers tow their sons similarly.

A young lad has a ride on a pony. Children eat ice creams.

A bowls match is being played. Women run races. A man takes a photograph with a camera set up on a tripod. Children fight a tug o’ war, boys versus girls. Mothers run a relay race, carrying their children on their backs. Further views of the bowls. Five children play on a seesaw. A girl is pushed on a swing. A group of boys play a game of football beside a large wall.

Two men work to build a large bonfire. The film ends with views of the fire well alight.

Title: The End.