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YFA 778



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and consists of footage taken of an event to celebrate the opening of a new Sharps flooring store.  Though despite the title, the store opening takes place in Bradford.  

The film opens with some stills of two of the Sharp's Shops and some illegible text underneath the photographs.

Title-Toasts-Toastmaster Mr J.T. Redfearn, Toast, the Queen, Mr Robert Sharp, the Firm, Proposed by Mr Harvey Bowser.

Title-Photographed by F.G. Dewhirst

Some men in black tie and women in dresses come into the `York Room' in a hotel and smile at the camera. A table with a wide variety of drinks has been set up and a woman stands behind the table serving drinks to the guests. More men and women in suits and dresses arrive into the room and they mingle, chat and smile. Two waitresses carry a large tray of glasses into the room.

Some more men and women of all ages come into the room and smile at people. There is a close-up of a waitress pouring a bottle of beer for one of the men. A woman comes up to some talking men and proceeds to smile and talk to the camera.

Two women in grand evening dresses come into the room and some men kiss their hands; they continue further into the room. A man stands looking at a list that is pinned to a board and then there are shots taken from a different part of the hotel looking towards all of the guests that are walking towards the dining room. In the next shot they are all seated at tables smoking and talking. The camera pans around the various tables taking shots of the people who are laughing and talking; one man puts is napkin on his head. After the meal the guests stand in a group and have their photo taken.

The next scene opens in Bradford city centre with a shot of `Sharp's Carpets and Linoleum' store on a large corner. Cars and people pass by and are parked outside the store. There are shots taken of the shop from a couple of angles. A large crowd has gathered outside the store awaiting its opening. There is a long red ribbon threaded through the door handles. The people outside smile at the camera as they wait. There is a shot of `Rawson's Hotel' and `Noble's Health Food Stores'.

A crowd of dignitaries and the Lord Mayor stand outside the shop and listen to one of the men making a speech. Another man hands the Mayor a pair of scissors from a tray and he cuts the ribbon and opens the store. The group then walk into the store and are greeted by employees and a man who is possibly Mr Sharp. The local people wander in and out of the store, look in the windows and point things out. There are shots of the store floors with the carpets and linoleum laid out on show. There is a sign which reads `Linoleum & Carpets Fitted by Experts. Sharps Prices are very keen'. There are brief shots of the Sharp family members smiling at the camera and also of some of the employees waiting for the lift in the back of the shop.

The Mayor leaves the store followed by the dignitaries and then the shot cuts to an indoor market where there is a `Morrison's Cheese Bar' with two women serving cheese, a butcher stand, a fruit stand and many others. There are shots of the employees at the stands, and shots taken from different parts of the market looking down from a balcony. Outside on the busy street is a sign for `Morrison's Self Service' which appears to be located beside Sharp's Store. The last shot is of many people looking in a shop window at racks of chickens being cooked on a mechanical spit.