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YFA 1988



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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents a trip of the Junior Chamber of Commerce to New York. The film includes scenes of New York City as well as international members of Chamber of Commerce.

Title - New York from the River

After the opening title the New York skyline is visible from a boat on the Hudson River including a shot of the ferries the Brooklyn Terminal.

Title - The Junior Chamber trip up the Hudson River. SS Adriatic in dock

There is a brief shot of the boat.

Title - The Great New Hudson River suspension bridge under construction.

This title is followed by shots of the bridge, mid construction.

Title - Herb McCulla the president of the United States J.C.C. 1929-1930 and R.W. Ibenfeldt the president of the Chicago J.C.C.

There is a shot of the two men standing together on the deck of a boat. They both smile for the camera.

Title - Durward Howes, the new president of the United States J.C.C.

Mr. Howes is shown in close up.

Title - E. Rollins Dunn of Brooklyn J.C.C.

There is a shot of Mr. Dunn. He takes off his hat and smiles for the camera. The coastline can be seen from the deck of the boat, and there are other boats in the river as well.

Title - Henry M. Lutz of San Antonio, Texas wore Mexican costume.

There is a shot of Mr. Lutz, dressed in full Mexican costume, standing on the deck of the boat. Nearby other passengers can also be seen.

Title - The British Delegation with a Brooklynite

Four men, including Mr. Ibberson, walk up a path near the river.

Title - The Convention Group at West Point

Men and women are gathered together in a large group on the lawns of West Point where they pose for a photograph. After which, many of them walk around the grounds.

Title - New York City

There are shots of the city streets full of traffic and pedestrians.

Title - A window cleaner on a skyscraper.

A man cleans the windows of the skyscraper. He is attached to the building by a harness, and the cameraman looks down to emphasize how high up the man is.

Title - General Grant's Tomb

There is a shot of the building where Grant is buried.

Title - Broadway

Street scenes around Broadway

Title - The Father of skyscrapers - The Flat Iron Building.

There is a brief shot of the famous building.

Title - Chinatown

Street scenes in Chinatown are followed by a man and women skipping in a country field. They appear to be at a large house on the outskirts of the city.

Title - Kershaw and Stone sail for Boston homeward bound

The two men wave goodbye from the deck of the SS Boston. This is followed by aerial footage of New York City, possibly filmed from the top of the Empire State Building.

Title - The U.S. Airship Los Angeles flies through the mist to greet Admiral Byrd on his return from the Antarctic.

The film closes as the airship approaches the Chrysler building.