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NEFA 14620



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A home movie produced by Ruth Jacobson of a New Years Eve party taking place in the family home in Newcastle in 1960. Decorated to emulate the Moulin Rouge in Paris the film shows guests in fancy dress singing and dancing and enjoying themselves.

The film opens in a dining room that has been decorated to look like the Moulin Rouge of Paris in the late nineteenth century. A man is standing behind a bar opening a bottle of wine.

The film cuts to show the room now full of people dressed in various nineteenth century costumes, some are dancing. A group of women are doing the can-can while four other women dressed in Victorian bathing costumes sing and dance. The film then shows a man dressed as a nineteenth century gentlemen dancing. Another man and woman are dressed in striped blazers, singing and dancing.

The film ends with views of two men, one of whom wears a dress, singing and dancing to the crowd [out of focus with tramlines]. Finally, a group of men wearing dresses perform the can-can.