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YFA 3171



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This film is from the Hamilton Collection and captures a New Year's Eve party and a Christmas Eve party in 1972 and 1973. There is also footage of a charity match between Denby and Cadby mine workers and their wives, in 1973. The film provides a good example of entertainment and leisure activities as well as fashions of the time.

The film begins with Julia's sister, Valeria, cleaning the windows on the house. The shot cuts to a woman, known as Ma Jeeves, who is holding her granddaughter, Janice Richardson.

The camera is at one end of a garden and Michael Richardson comes towards the camera, gesturing with his fingers. There are shots of his two daughters, Joanne and Janice who are playing in Ma Jeeves house. There is a shot of Pa Jeeves sitting on the sofa beside Janice.

In the following section, Michael grabs hold of Ma Jeeves and tries to kiss her; they both laugh and then Michael leaves her alone. Then there are shots of Michael in a bedroom trying to push a woman, probably his wife, off the bed. He succeeds and she laughs.

Back downstairs and there are shots of Roy Jeeves and a friend who sit around in the dining room drinking tea. Following this are shots of Michael's wife sitting on the bed with her hair in curlers; she talks to the camera and smiles and then there is a brief shot of her downstairs and fully dressed for a party.

The next section consists of a sequence of shots from the party in the house. The guests wear party hats, some of them dance in couples and Michael Richardson `attacks' Ma Jeeves again and tries to kiss her. Michael, Julia and Valerie smile and raise their glass to the camera. Stephen, Julia's husband comes in and dances around with Michael.

The next section begins with shots of Joanne and Janice Richardson eating Smarties and playing with their prams and other new toys. There are a few short sequences of shots of Joanne and Janice playing with the dog Fluff, drinking from cups and always wearing the same clothes. They walk around the sitting room, smiling at the camera and in the next shots they are outside playing with the dog again.

Julia and her sister Valerie are in their house messing about and dancing with each other; then they grab hold of each other's hair and pull. Their mother, Ma Jeeves/Irene is in the kitchen making sandwiches which the two sisters keep on eating and dancing. Their father, Pa Jeeves is sitting on the sofa having a sandwich and Trevor Jeeves, possibly a brother, comes in carrying a crate of Jubilee Beer helped by Johnnie Erp.

The party in underway and a crowd of men and women of all ages are dancing in the sitting room with things tied around their heads and streamers across their shoulders. They dance, pour drinks, smoke and wave at the camera.

Irene Jeeves is in the garden with a toddler, Dean Jeeves, her grandson; she is wiping his mouth and then he goes to play with Julia, his brother Darren and the dog Fluff. They run around the front garden trying to catch the dog but the toddler always misses and falls of the grass. There is a shot of Arthur and Susan Jeeves in the garden with their sons Darren and Dean; Arthur puts one of the boys on his shoulders and then they all look at the camera.

The last section captures the men versus women charity football match held at Denby in 1973. There are shots following the players on the pitch as well as capturing the spectators sitting around watching.