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This amateur film documents the official opening of the New Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, on the 10 October 1928 by King George V and Queen Mary. The film includes footage of the arrival of the royal train at Jesmond and the procession along Northumberland Street. This film was one of the earliest productions by the Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA).

[Titles over image of the Tyne Bridge seen from the Newcastle Quayside]

Title: The New Tyne Bridge

Title: The bridge was opened on Oct 10 1928 by HM the King

Title: The Royal Train Arriving at Jesmond Station

The Royal Train arrives at Jesmond station.

Title: The Procession on Northumberland St.

Overhead views document the large crowds, some waving flags, as a horse drawn carriage containing King George V and Queen Mary makes its way along Northumberland Street. The carriage is followed by horse guards and an entourage of cars. Large crowds are milling around Grey's Monument.

Title: The Arrival on the Bridge

A very brief view follows of King George V and Queen Mary standing beside a ceremonial shelter.

Title: The Raising of the Barrier Symbolising the Opening

Large crowds line the route across the Tyne Bridge, a barrier across the road. A flag waves in the wind from a flagpole.

Title: The Royal Carriage Crossing the Bridge

The Lord Mayor of Newcastle and other civic dignitaries in their ceremonial clothes walk by. Crowds are gathered around a small pavilion filled with VIP guests, including a Bishop. The King appears and doffs his hat to the crowd as he walks by slowly with the Queen to the horse drawn Royal carriage. The crowd are close to the royal couple on the bridge. The Queen and King settle into the carriage along with two gentlemen. A blanket is laid over the royal couple’s knees. King George V and Queen Mary drive across the Tyne Bridge, very close to the crowd lining the route. As the carriage gets underway, men wave their hats, many wearing bowler hats. A soldier salutes as the entourage of cars and police on horseback follow the King and Queen across the bridge. The smoking chimneys of industrial Newcastle can be seen in the background.

Title: The Crowds Returning After the Ceremony

The Tyne Bridge is now teeming with people as the Northumbrian Regiment Pipe Band in full regimental dress march across.

Title: The End