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YFA 4115



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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this is a film that shows the process of replacing a shoe on a pony, first taking the old one off, making a new shoe, and finally fitting on the pony.

E R Hardy presents - new shoes for Queenie
Titles by Bill MacKenzie

A boy jumps on a Pony to take it to get some new shoes. At the blacksmith's the narrator explains the hazards of the trade. The person putting the new shoe on, David, is a machine tool fitter who learned the trade form his father and has been changing horse shoes for thirty four years. The film shows the whole process of taking off the old shoe and making and fitting a new one, with an explanation of the process and of the different types of shoe. The shoe is re-worked several times, nailed on and filed. Afterwards the boy heads off on the pony.

The End.