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YFA 1714



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This is a film from the BBC series Planning for People concerning the redevelopment of Bradford.

The film begins with excerpts from the J B Priestly film |A Lost City| in which he takes a journalist around Bradford. The Swan Arcade which once stood where the new offices of the company responsible for Bradford's redevelopment now stand can be seen.

The film focuses on three of Bradford's historic buildings. Kirkgate Market, the Mechanics Institute and Paper Hall. Only Paper Hall has survived the redevelopment process. The other two buildings have been demolished. The film takes us through the history of the three buildings using original drawings and early stills.

Interviews include Edward Hepher of the Bradford Victorian Society who is against the redevelopment of Bradford, and the Chief Executive of Bradford Council who is in favour. There is an interview with Michael Illingworth an Architect who believes that Paper Hall can be restored. He illustrates this using his own house which is about the same age and which he restored himself. There are general scenes of Paper Hall.

The film moves on to focus on Kirkgate Market with interviews with market traders talking about the old market and members of the public. Stills of the original market are shown along with architect's drawings to illustrate how the old market could have been updated. There are scenes of the new market interiors and interviews with traders.

The final focus of the film is the Mechanics Institute which has been demolished. Stills of the Institute are shown and photographs of some of the men who went there. View of a bulldozer clearing the site. The film closes with an excerpt from the J B Priestly film |A Lost City.|

Commentary: Derek Cooper.

Sound: Ted Read, John Pearce.

Photography: Michael Shepherd, Adrian Goddington.

Film Editor: Peter Dunbar.

Written and produced by Gordon Croton.