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YFA 2918



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This is a film produced by the Halifax Cine Club about a boy who, through his interactions with the Boy Scouts, finds his way and no longer takes part in the mischievous crimes of juvenile delinquency.   

The film opens with title cards - The Halifax Cine Club Presents - New Horizons

Credit cards follow - Photography CC Thomas, H Mallinson, Lighting H Rawlinson, Continuity C Horner, Titles H Oakes, Script and production by Eric Marshall

Cast - The Boy - Derek Milligan, Patrol Leader - Michael Butler, and various troops of the Halifax Local Boy Scouts Association 

Four mischievous looking boys climb over a large brick wall and proceed to exchange small tokens in a secretive manner.  However, to their surprise, a policeman is nearby and sees the boys.  He approaches and catches two of the boys while the other two are able to run away.   

Later, at Juvenile Court, the policeman gives testimony in front of the Judge.  The Judge then sentences the boys with a punishment of "No pictures for 6 months." 

After being unable to enter the cinema, the boy walks slowly along a bridge and stops to ponder what to do.  While he is on the bridge waiting, a group of Boy Scouts cross the bridge.  The boy then goes to the municipal library where he scans through the books and finds one entitled ‘Scouting for Boys.’  He opens the book and begins to imagine about what he is reading.  Boy Scouts appear and partake in various scouting activities including hiking, map reading, boating, canoeing, rope tying, camping, group prayer, cooking and physical exercise.   

The next day when the boy goes to school, he asks a friend of his if he can join the scouts as well.  Then, that evening, the friend whistles up to the boy’s window and they proceed to go to the scouting meeting.  It is at this meeting where the boy learns the basics of scouting. 

After some training, the boy earns his uniform and the privilege to take the Boy Scout Oath:  I promise on my honour To do my best To do my duty to God And the King To help other people at all times And to obey the scout law.  After the induction into the scouts, the boy hikes up the hill with his fellow scouts, and once at the top, the film closes with an end title.