Film ID:
NEFA 21789



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An animated advertisment made to promote the re-developed Fenwick department store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle, which included the construction of the corner development. The advert features a fashionable woman unveiling new areas of the store including a new toy department, hair salon and delicatessen while travelling on the new escalators and elevators.

The advertisement opens on a building draped in canvas. Standing at the base of the building is a fashionably dressed woman. She pulls a cord and the Fenwick department store on Northumberland Street in Newcastle is revealed underneath.

She goes inside and stands beside a draped escalator. A tag attached to the drape reads ‘NEW’. The woman lifts the edge of the drape, looks around and climbs inside riding the covered escalator to the floor above. She comes out from under the cover and stands under a sign that reads ‘New Toy Fair. 2nd Floor’.  

The woman walks into the department and stands beside another large draped object. Stencilled on the canvas is ‘New Toy Fair’. She lifts the edge of the drape and a number of marching toy soldiers in bearskin hats match out behind a Union Jack. They march under another drape and the woman follows.

The film cuts to show movement under the drapes moving towards a stencilled ‘Lift’. The lift goes up as seen through the drapes.

From behind a curtain the woman appears and stands under a large sign that reads ‘New Hair Salon. 3rd Floor’. There is a close up of the woman’s face as she buffs her hair.

She rushes over to another large draped object with stencilled lettering that reads ‘New Delicatessen’. She comes out of the other side pushing a shopping trolley full of food items. She takes something from the trolley and places it in her mouth. Hanging from her right wrist is a Fenwick shopping bag.

The woman holds the carrier bag in the air clearly showing the writing that reads ‘Carried away at Fenwick of Newcastle’. She lowers the bag and looks at the camera.

She stands in a empty space and opens the bag. From inside comes the sound of the marching soldiers seen previously. The film ends with her skipping away into the distance.