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A promotional film made by Turners Film Production for Derwentside District Council in association with BSC Industry Ltd that looks at the potential development of Derwentside following the closure of BSC Consett. The film promotes both urban and rural development as well as some of the benefits for people to move and live in the area. 

The film opens with the Derwentside District Council coat of arms.

The commentary states that: "On the last day of September 1980, the end of the last shift worked at the steel town of Consett, the siren blew for the last time." General views of Consett steel works after the workers have gone. Interior shots of the works document the dereliction, steam rising from the old rail tracks.

Various shots show the men taking part in demolition of the works, "a 5 year programme of demolition and reclamation."

General views of the site prior to demolition, and post demolition.

Title: The New Derwentside

Panoramic view of Consett steelworks in the landscape in the plateau of Derwentside.

General view of Stanley, an old colliery town, the Derwent and Browney rivers in the north and south of the region, and the rural landscape. Close-ups of wild flowers that grown in the countryside.

Two men drive a replica of Locomotion No. 1 steam engine. An old horse-drawn delivery dray drives away from Beamish Hall. People walk across the Causy Arch near Stanley, the world's oldest surviving railway bridge and once a branch of the Tanfield Wagonway.

General views follow of ore deposits in the hills, an old coal mine pit head, and various buildings remaining from coal and iron ore mining in the area.

General view of the gigantic industrial complex at Consett. Excavators are at work and general views of land reclaimed at Consett follow. Children play football on land reclaimed from the old mining works and spoil heaps.

General views of the villages in the area.

General view of the exterior of Stanley sports centre, built where a pit head once stood. A black and white still of the old Stanley mine pit head follows. Various shots of the remnants of the iron mining industry in the landscape. The sun rises behind derelict pit head winding gear.

A "task force" meeting takes place between the local authority and BSC Industries.

General view of motorway roads near Derwentside. A map graphic illustrates road links, housing sites, and centres for re-training.

Men discuss industrial grant aid inside one local business.

Title: Regional Development Grant

Title: Regional Selective Assistance. Local Authority Aid.

Title: European Investment Bank. European Coal and Steel Community. European Social Fund

Title: British Steel Corporation (Industry Ltd.)

The next sequence presents some of the industries and re-development in the Derwentside region. There are shots inside a traditional forge, general views of the English Industrial Estates Corporation development of purpose-built factories and industrial units, including the Amoco Fabrics site.

General views of the rural town of  Lanchester follow.

General views follow of the many new facilities and range of activities that can be enjoyed in the new Derwentside, including a new bus station, housing estates, a school, hospital, a busy market, a bowling green, sailing, playing squash, angling, horse riding and golf.

Panoramic view of new factories in the landscape, the Consett steelworks still standing in the landscape.

Credit: Produced by Turners Film & Video Productions, Newcastle upon Tyne

Credit: For Derwentside District Council in association with BSC Industry Ltd