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Made by members of the Halifax Cine Club, this is a film about the work of the Heath Stroke Club in Halifax. The film was made two years after opening and is introduced by the Reverend John Jenkinson and the Secretary Betty Honour. It shows members being collected from home, being fed and entertained.

The film is introduced the Reverend John Jenkinson, the joint Minister of the United Reformed Church in Halifax. He outlines the idea behind the Heath Stroke Club, who was involved and how it was set up. It comprised of Heath, Carlton, Providence and Park, and a Minister from the Presbyterian Church in Ghana who was training as a youth and community worker. Because the Maurice Jagger Centre had just opened for the handicapped and elderly they had to decide on what help they could give. Through the Manpower Community Services programme the idea took shape, funded by the government and staffed by the unemployed who have been out of work for at least a year.

Title - Heath Stroke Club, A New Adventure

There is a plaque for the Heath Stroke Club on the wall, and Betty Honour, the Secretary of the centre, introduces us to the work of the club. She is shown out visiting new members. The shared Help the Aged bus is out collecting members for an outing on the canal. The members, many needing help, clamber aboard a long boat and it makes its way along the canal. They are then taken back home again by the carers.

Back at the centre there is cooking in large pots. Many members are shown being picked up to be taken to the centre where a dinner is served. After dinner there are exercises, each day led by a different member. There is then a live music session with a man and a woman singing. One of the members cuts a large cake to celebrate a 50th anniversary of marriage, and all had tea and cakes. Betty and another worker put on a comedy act dressed as policemen performing The Bold Gendarmes. The members are then taken home again, some in wheelchairs and many needing walking sticks.

The centre then has a fashion parade, raising £120. This is followed by a Christmas party with a brass band and Father Christmas.

The film ends with the Reverend John Jenkinson talking about the future of the club, and the difficulties with funding, asking viewers for support.

End Credits - Prologue by Rev. John Jenkinson; 'Tiny Bubbles and 'Adios' sung by 'Shades of Midnight'; The Two Gendarmes, Betty honour and Eva Berm; Fashion Show, garments proudly provided by Pat Irvine of Sowerby Bridge; Father Christmas, Harold Metcalfe. There follows a long list of the members of staff and thanks to all voluntary workers;

Filmed and produced by R.L.P.J Tams and P.C. Eastwood of Halifax Cine and Video Club, 1985.

Happiness, Security, Confidence