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NEFA 21373



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A Senior Clerk tempts fate when he puts off a task till tomorrow and has a run of bad luck. Includes footage of old-fashioned office interiors an art deco style living room. This short office-based comedy, filmed on Tyneside, is a Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) production.

Title: Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What Can Be Done To-Day

Portrait shot of ‘The Chief’, the office boss at his desk, instructing staff off-screen.

Credit: The Chief Played by Andrew Hoggart

The ‘Senior Clerk’ in the firm is on the telephone. He looks disapprovingly across the room.

Credit: Senior Clerk Played by Robert Richardson

The ‘Junior Clerk’ is smoking furiously whilst scribbling away at his work. 

Credit: Junior Clerk Played by Fred Ridley

The Senior Clerk is relaxing in an armchair at home in the evening, reading the sports section of the newspaper when his wife hands him some tickets to a performance, reminding him that he’ll have to return the tickets that night.

Title: “You’d better return these tickets tonight or we will have to pay for them.”

He checks his watch, but is feeling too lazy to move.

Title: “Tomorrow morning will be soon enough. I’ll see Howard on the train.”

The couple are eating breakfast next morning. The Senior Clerk is late and hurriedly leaves for the train station. Outside, he races to the station and dashes across the bridge to his platform. The train is just pulling away. He drops onto a bench and watches as his train vanishes up the track. (The station is on the North Eastern Railway Line and may be Gosforth Station.)

He arrives late at the office. The Junior Clerk looks at the clock, the time now nearly 9:30am. The Senior Clerk hangs up his hat and quickly sits at his desk. He pulls out his handkerchief, looks at the tickets and mops his brow. Close-up of the tickets costing 10/6 each. He telephones his friend Howard.

Title: “Will lunch-time be soon enough to return those tickets?”

Title: “Oh! Good. I’ll bring them along with me.”

As he puts down the telephone, he knocks over his ink bottle, spilling ink all over his work papers. He tries to mop up the mess with blotting paper. The Junior Clerk comes over to snigger at the Senior Clerk’s misfortune.

Title: “The boss wants those quantity sheets.”

The Senior Clerk glances at the clock. He instructs the Junior Clerk to clean up his mess, hurriedly heading to see his boss.

Title: “Oh lor! Get it cleaned up.”

The Junior Clerk is annoyed. He begins to mop up the ink using the blotting pad. He throws all the paper in a waste paper basket, which he carries away.

The Chief sternly hands the Senior Clerk more work.

Title: “You must have these ready for the morning, even if you stay all night.”

The Junior Clerk checks the clock and sees it’s time for lunch. As he heads off, the Senior Clerk calls him back. He can’t find the two tickets he left on his desk. He quizzes the Junior Clerk, with mounting anger. But the Junior Clerk doesn’t have a clue about the tickets.

Title: “Where are those tickets!?”

Title: “Tickets?!”

Title: “I haven’t seen any.”

The Senior Clerk is getting increasingly anxious. He asks what happened to his blotting pad.

Title: “Where’s the blotting pad?”

Title: “Oh! I burnt that.”

Later, the Senior Clerk is at a café with his friend, both smoking at the table. A waitress brings them tea. The Senior Clerk hands over some cash for the tickets he’s lost. His friend apologises for having to take the money but knows he would otherwise have to pay for the tickets himself.

Title: “I’m sorry but I’ll have them to pay for.”

The Senior Clerk is back at his desk, finishing the work the boss has given him. He looks at a calendar on the wall, the date now 11th October. His own desk calendar is a day behind. He rips off yesterday’s date to reveal the proverb for today’s date is “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” The Senior Clerk angrily reaches for the calendar but again knocks over his bottle of ink. He screams hysterically. The Junior Clerk slips away, grinning. As the Senior Clerk tries to mop up the ink, spreading over his report once more, the Chief appears beside him and observes the ink dripping down the desk.

Title: The End