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This Needlecraft Exhibition took place in the Grosvenor Hotel which is set to be demolished in 2008 to make way for the New Retail Quarter in the city of Sheffield.  The hotel was opened not long before this film was made.  All the clothing featured in the film was made by students from the Newfield School, and these students can be seen modelling their finished designs. 

Sign – City of Sheffield Education Committee Newfield Secondary School for Girls and Boys

Title – Fashion Parades Needlecraft Exhibition Grosvenor House Hotel July 1968.

The film opens with displays of various fashions and needlepoint projects including stuffed animals and dolls which were created by the students of Newfield. 

Sign – Work produced by children at Special Schools

The fashion show begins, and the secondary school girls walk down the catwalk modelling their final project outfits.  The fashion show has a full audience, and the crowd is situated in rows of chairs on either side of the catwalk.  There is also a podium at the side of the stage where an announcer stands with a microphone.  The girls have made a variety of outfits including summer dresses, outer wear, formal wear, and handbags and other accessories to match. 

There is an intermission in the fashion show, and the film shows other examples of the needlepoint projects on display, including a replica of the castle market.

During the next portion of the fashion show, the girls continue to model various outfits including swimsuits.  Additionally, there are students from the Special Education classes who model outfits.  The fashion show comes to and end with all of the students lined up on the catwalk being applauded for their efforts by the large audience gathered at the Hotel for the event.