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YFA 87



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This is a film from the Noel Beardsell Collection of family trips to Flamborough, Wentworth Woodhouse, and London.

Title – Near and Far (Peeps and pleasures through a long distance lens)
Intertitle – Let's take our binoculars out to the cliffs at Flamboro'.

A group of people sit on the cliff edge where they lookout at a ship at sea.

Intertitle – That trawler ought to be worth a peep.

The trawler is filmed passing by.

Intertitle – Another turn of the screw and we'll be aboard.

The trawler is now filmed through a lens, making it appear closer.

Intertitle – Anyone on the beach today?

People sit on the beach and walk among the rocks. A group go on a pleasure ride on a small boat.

Intertitle – Bird watching – on the cliff edge – is easier to watch than to risk.

A group of men, known as climmers, collect eggs from bird nests on the cliffs at Flamborough.  A man abseils down a cliff, and he carries a sack around his shoulder.  He then climbs back up with the assistance of several men at the top. They gather around him and look into his bag, although it doesn't appear to have much in it.

Intertitle – The spacious grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse are ideal for a Fete . .

Many visitors walk around the grounds of the stately house.

Intertitle – The bandsmen are wonderful . .

A brass band marches past.

Intertitle – . . . .especially at a distance.

The band is filmed walking away into the distance. A couple of men practice in the cricket nets.

Intertitle – But every detail deserves a closer inspection.

The flower gardens are filmed.

Intertitle – That pond should be worth looking into.

Gold fish are swimming in the pond.

Intertitle – Out with your glasses and look at those flower –beds.

Many of the flowers in the flower beds are filmed close –up.

Intertitle – There are flowers also at London's Zoological Gardens – as well as a few birds and animals.

The water birds are shown swimming in the lake.

Intertitle – You are glad to get a close view of the larger beasts – from a distance.

They look at some of the big cats, and seals.

Intertitle – Great Snakes – but we're looking through glass.

A brief view of some snakes.

Intertitle – The best sights of London are over some chimney pots.

There is a view over London showing Big Ben, looking south.

Intertitle – St Pauls – Crystal Palace –Broadcasting House – can you pick them all out?

A building with a large clock tower with pyramids on both side and St Pauls is shown.

Intertitle – For our latest tele –view let's look at Alexandra Palace – the home of television.

The film finishes with a brief look at Alexandra Palace.