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NEFA 21767



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Filmmaker and railway enthusiast Chris Lawson concentrates on National Coal Board steam engines which were often seen on railways in South East Northumberland. The film shows activities at the National Coal Board's junction at White Hill near Newcastle.

The film begins with an accidental(?) view of the interior of a car, which cuts to a view of a railway junction. A man in a high visibility jacket waits at the trackside for a steam engine to reverse. The film cuts to a side on view of the reversing saddle tank engine (NCB No. 58) as it pulls a train of coal trucks. The engine crosses the road at this point. A 'lollipop' type sign reads 'Stop' in the middle of the road. The man in the orange jacket carries a red flag as he supervises the train's crossing. It goes off into the distance, followed by another pulling a coal train (engine facing forwards). Another engine crosses the road this time it's National Coal Board Northumberland Area No.9 (Stephenson & Hawthorn 7097, built 1943).

Going across another level crossing possibly at Shiremoor (?) the film cuts, to another view of a different saddle tank reversing having just crossed a road. This time the engine number is 58 or 59, it continues into the distance.

Next is a view of a green steam engine reversing across an open road, traffic is stopped waiting for it to cross. Another view shows the same engine pulling a train of coal wagons. On the side of the engine is painted 'National Coal Board No. 1 & 2 Area'. On the cab door is painted number '38'(?), this is National Coal Board No.38 (Hudswell Clarke 1823, built 1949).

The steam train moves away from the camera, taking in quite a sharp curve to the right. Some indistinct footage follows as camera seems to have been left running, while the photographer changed his viewing position next to a railway line.

The film finally settles on a view of a saddle tank engine approaching the camera and about to cross a road with its train of coal wagons, on the front of the engine it's number '60' .  A long view sees the same  engine No. 60 approaching the camera, first going under a signal gantry. From a vantage point next to the railway the camera records the oncoming coal train. A photographer just in front of the camera, chooses a similar viewpoint.

The film abruptly cuts to a wedding (?). The film ends as a bride gets out of a car while the chauffer holds the door open, followed by bridesmaids, on what appears to be a busy town centre street.