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YFA 795



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This film is from the Kathleen Lockwood collection and contains footage of the flowers and wildlife that are visible in her garden at various times of the year.

Title-Nature Around Us.

The film opens in winter and there is a shot of a small blackbird hopping around in the snow. The film then cuts to show the snow melting and a bluebird pecking at a birdfeeder in the garden. There are shots of some daffodils and other flowers that have already bloomed but have been partially covered by a late snow fall.

The following section takes place in spring and shows close ups of the daffodils and other flowers. In a nest are some baby birds and then there are shots of them as they get bigger and bigger. There are more shots of birds in the garden, a nest of eggs and the baby birds again with their mouths open looking for food.

The following shots are of a boy holding a pet ferret up to the camera and some children riding ponies past the filmmaker's house. The camera follows them as they make their way up a country path in the direction of the countryside.

Title-An Owl seen from the garden.

There is a shot of an owl sitting on a chimney.

Title-Elephant hawk-moth caterpillar.

This is followed by more close ups of colourful flowers, various insects, including a caterpillar and a bird table.

Title-Feeding time for the House martins.

There is a sequence of shots showing Kathleen Lockwood filming the bird house from an upstairs window. The bird flies up and can be seen delivering food to the baby birds.

The filmmaker then leaves her garden and explores the countryside, we see a plough go past before there are shots of wildlife and flora and fauna growing wild.

Title-The remains of a wasp's nest after being eaten by a badger.

A destroyed wasp's nest lies in pieces on the ground. Some boys sit on a wall overlooking the river and fish; beside them in a dish of wriggling maggots. There are more views of the garden and bees walking over flowers.

In the final section it is winter again and there is a panning shot of the garden and the surrounding areas which are covered in deep snow. A robin perches on a tree stump while another bird is at a feeder. The final shot is of a red winter sunset across a lake.

Title-The End

Title-Filmed and produced by K.M. Lockwood.