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NEFA 21657



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An amateur film produced by members of the Cleveland Cine Club about nature that shows various views of flowers and birds feeding in a garden. The film also shows a birds nest with eggs and chicks being fed by the adults.

Title: Nature

The film opens on general views of various flowers in a garden. Two House sparrows peck at seed on a wooden platform. General views of other plants and birds in the garden.

The film cuts to a birds nest with a small blue egg in it. Blackbirds drink from a decorative birdbath followed by views of daffodils. There are now two eggs in the nest.

On the ground, a Robin has a worm in its beak. Another bird on the edge of a flowerbed flies away. In the nest, the now hatched chicks call out for food.

General views cut between the chicks in the nest being fed and the adult birds in the garden looking for worms. These are intercut with views of daffodils and blossom on trees in the garden.

A hedgehog walks across the lawn and a small bird drinks from the birdbath. The film ends with a final view of the chicks and one of the adults in the nest and the hedgehog continuing to walk across the lawn.

End title: End