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YFA 2274



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This film is a BBC Nationwide news item about the success of Rowntree Mackintosh following the company merger in 1969.

The item opens with a woman presenter introducing the item to camera. Following this is footage inside the factory including toffee machines and large vats of chocolate. In the Halifax factory, women sort Quality Street chocolates. There is also footage of the company boardroom.

New Earswick, located just outside of York, was a model village built by the Rowntree Trust for its workers, and views of the village can be seen. Mackintosh participated in a similar scheme, and the cottages Mackintosh built for its staff are shown.

Many of the company's products are highlighted including Kit Kat, Quality Street, Smarties, After Eights, and Fruit Gums. Kit Kat and Quality Street are the company's biggest success stories. This is followed by more footage of the factory which produces these products as well as close-ups of Quality Street tins.

Rowntree products are exported all over the world, and refrigerated lorries leave the Rowntree factory with products headed for the Middle East. In fact, in Kuwait, the government has stipulated that every school child should receive a Kit Kat with their lunch.

Women at the Halifax factory package Quality Street, and the news item closes with examples of Kit Kat adverts from Japan and America.