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YFA 4520



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This is a film made by West Yorkshire Police of anti-National Front demonstrations and National Front marches in Huddersfield in 1974 and Dewsbury in 1975, with some clashes and arrests.

Title - Dewsbury November 1975, Huddersfield 1974, Bradford 1975 [the film only seems to show Huddersfield and Dewsbury]

The film starts with police on horseback leading a march past an Austin car showroom. At the head of the march is the banner for the Huddersfield branch of the National Front. The march is mostly men, some young in white trousers, mostly carrying Union Jacks, with a line of police at one side. Martin Webster, the National Organiser, is near the front. A man carries a flag of the Union of South Africa. One banner is for the Manchester branch of the National Front. They pass Dewsbury and West Riding Building Society. A large banner declares, 'Britons Unite with the National Front'. One road is blocked off by police as they are escorted through the town centre. A placard reads, 'Send Them Back'. They pass the Commercial Hotel.

The film switches to an opposition crowd who are hemmed in by police with several International Socialist banners. They are grouped near a school which the national front members are entering. Other people are milling around between the two groups who are separated by the police. A cameraman swaps his camera with one of the protesters behind police lines. The protesters are then filmed from within, on the other side of the police lines. A Socialist Worker placard (partially blocked) reads, 'Unite To Fight The Squeeze'. There are many youth in among the protesters.

The film switches to a room where a senior police officer is reading from a booklet to seated police officers who also have copies. Underneath the police station a group of policemen are given instructions from the same blue booklet before leaving in police vans. They arrive at a place near where there is a mixed race group of demonstrators, with a white man addressing those assembled. They carry home-made placards, one saying 'Black and White Unite to Fight National Front' another one states, 'No Concentration Camps, No National Front'. A bearded steward addresses the crowd through a loud hailer. The demonstration makes its way through the streets with a police escort, with one placard reading, 'Beware of Hitler's Mates' another one, 'National Front Is National Destruction, National Front Is Nasty Front'. There are many Asian men and youths. They pass around a roundabout near the shops of Boots and 'Stylo'.

There is a break and then four men are shown stood on the side of a road. Then a National Front march comes out of a street led by Highland pipers, and with a large mill in the background. The Front members are carrying Union Jack flags, the back section placards. The anti-NF protesters congregate on an island green as the NF march is escorted past. They start to confront the National Front and the police come in to separate them and lead off some of the protesters. A woman is dragged away and bundled into a police van. The protesters are penned in by the police. Leaflest are scattered on the ground. A woman stands behind a placard that reads, 'Don't Bring Hitler Back To Life'. They are congregated across from Dewsbury Town Hall where police form a line.

There is a break and a police coach filled with police leaves a police station. In a town anti-NF protesters congregate, with a police motorcyclist looking on. The mixed group carry home-made placards, one saying 'Beware Of Hitler's Mates'. The bearded steward makes another speech through a loud hailer. They set off on a march with the markets behind them. Several protesters are bundled into a police van. Traffic piles up near the Old Anchor pub. A police motorcyclist waits to escort the National Front march as it approaches. The NF march goes by with John Tyndale, the General Secretary, near the front. There are placards stating, 'Stop Immigration Start Repatriation' and 'Send Them Back'. Back in Dewsbury town square the anti-NF protesters await their arrival and shout at then when they do. One man in a red berry seems to be shouting 'Nazi scum'. A young woman is carried off and put into the back of a police van. A man picks up fallen leaflets.