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YFA 4506



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This film documents a demonstration by the National Front in Bradford, 1976. The film primarily focuses on the police operations involved in escorting the National Front supporters through the city centre, while keeping peace with the Anti-NF protestors. The demonstration on several occasions descends into violence between the rival groups, with protestors attempting to block the National Front march.

Title - Bradford April 1976.

Title - Demonstration.

The film opens by a green in Bradford where 'Nazi pigs', 'Smash the front', and 'Smash racism' have been written in chalk on a wall. Policemen patrol the area as Nation front supporters begin to arrive, and many hold Union Jack flags. More supporters begin to arrive on foot and in coaches; one coach window has been filled with a National Front banner. There are then shots of various banners that show the region each National Front group are from: Barking, Leeds, and Edinburgh are among several named.

The next shot captures protestors taunting the NF by making Nazi salutes, before the filmmaker captures a scuffle between the two sides, which is broken up by police, who restrain several people.

A National Front procession featuring bag pipe players and supporters waving flags is led by police to the green, while journalists dart about taking photos. Away from the Green, officers on horseback attempt to control groups of protestors on different streets, and other constables set about physically restraining some individuals. The next sequence shows altercations breaking out between the police and the two opposing groups; police try to control the situation as protestors disrupt the demonstration, and in one instance a man is filmed throwing punches.

The protestors continue to revolt angrily, trying to break out from the police constraints, and the scenes in this section are invariably chaotic. The procession of National Front supporters are escorted by policeman through Bradford city centre, past shops such as 'Debenhams', while protestors continue to make trouble. One scene shows officers on horseback trying to move on protestors, who try to block the processions progress, before a shot captures a man nearly being trampled by a horse.

A blockade of metal fences has been erected by protestors, who hold the line in an attempt to bring the NF procession to a halt. A formidable group of policemen approach the blockade and push the supporters back, removing the fences for the procession to continue. A young boy is the restrained by to officers, and he wriggles on the floor, trying to escape. The following shot shows a man unconscious on the ground, while several protestors stand over him, before police set up their own line of metal fences.

The following scene captures supporters being driven back by mounted officers; the protestor's scatter as the officers on horseback charge at them in a tight group. There are then several shots of photographers trying to capture the scene, and one shot shows a man taking a picture of the filmmaker. The debris from the conflict is show with bricks and mortar strewn across the road.

The next sequence opens with policemen lining up outside a building next to a several parked police vans. The next shot shows the damage down to several police vehicles; one van has been flipped onto its side, while another has had its windows broken. A shot shows some wrecked cars, and firemen on the scene remove a car from the road. On a green, protestors gather in groups, and a man is led away from the scene by two officers. An exterior shot of a grand building is shown, and the film concludes with a procession of National Front supporters being led past the premises by police.