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YFA 4504



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This film is a brief chronicle of a National Front demonstration in 1980. The filmmaker captures the police operations implemented in keeping protestors and National Front supporters separated. The demonstration is peaceful and no arrests are caught on film.

The film opens in a car park where constables stand around many parked police vehicles, which include vans and squad cars. A group of officers watch several men pull a Union Jack flag down from an improvised flag pole. Various shots then show the officers on the streets preparing for the demo, and one shot shows officers waiting around a fountain area. Two punks are then captured standing by a police van, and one man appears to be rolling a cigarette.

A large crowd of National front supporters are then shown gathered on the street with Union Jack flags, as the demonstration gets underway. A protestor wearing a leather jacket is shown talking into a megaphone, while beside him stands other protestors from different cultural backgrounds (many are young adolescents).

Police on horseback ride past the camera and continue to escort the NF demonstration as they march past a market area. The filmmaker captures various shots of protestors, who, hemmed in along the pavement by police constables, jeer at the National Front. The NF procession, led by a group of constables, march past the protesters, and some of the NF supporters hold a large banner that reads 'British jobs for British workers.

The NF procession continues through more streets, and there are more shots of the supporters and their banners. Police vans and officers on foot escort the procession, before the filmmaker gets close ups of some of the banners which read 'Barking Branch National Front' and 'Birmingham NF'. Two protestors have climbed up a lamppost to shout at the National front, and there are more views of the Anti-National Front protectors venting their anger, verbally, as the procession passes.

A large crowd of policeman then watch the National front from the other side of a street, before more views show the protestors behind the a line of policeman; some protestor talk to constables. The final shots show a photographer taking pictures of the march and a man in a red jacket with a homemade sign that reads 'Send Sambo back to the jungle'.