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NEFA 21953



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An amateur film made by David Williams of the naming ceremony for a new British Rail Class 91 locomotive "Durham Cathedral" on the platform at Durham Station on the 4th May 1993. The film begins with the choir of Durham Cathedral performing on the platform followed by speeches being made by Brian Birdstall(?), Director of Intercity east coast route and John Arnold, Dean of Durham Cathedral. The name plate is revealed by John Arnold and the film ends on the choir performing again intercut with views of the locomotive.
The film begins with a large banner showing the British Rail Intercity logo.

Standing on the platform of Durham railway station is the choir of Durham Cathedral performing various renditions of railway announcements for the amusement of the watching crowd. As they perform, the film intercuts with archive film footage and photographs showing various steam locomotives either passing through Durham station or crossing the viaduct with Durham Cathedral in the background.

On a platform at Durham station stands a 225 Intercity locomotive, its name plate covered with curtains. Beside the engine stand two men, Brian Birdstall(?), Director of Intercity east coast route and John Arnold, Dean of Durham Cathedral dressed in vestments.

Brian Birdstall makes a speech about Durham’s connection to the history of railways before handing over to John Arnold to do the official unveiling. He makes a speech about always wanting to name a train. The crowd on the platform applaud as he pulls the cord revealing the name plate on the engine ‘Durham Cathedral’. The two men shake hands.

The film returns to the choir who begin to perform again. General view of the locomotive on the platform, Durham Cathedral in the background. A series of archive film clips and photographs follow of  steam locomotive passing though Durham Station. From a train, a view of it heading south out of Durham station with views of Durham Cathedral in the distance.

The film ends on an the 225 locomotive pulling into Durham station.

End credit: Video Photography by David R. Williams

End credit: Filmed by Harry Willis and David Williams

End credit: Still photographs Alan Bowman and Cowan Robinson

End title: 900 Durham Cathedral 225