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YFA 995



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This is a comedic film made by the Bamforth Film Company. Yorkshire's connection to filmmaking can be traced back to the very beginnings of the industry and one of Britain's premiere early filmmakers, James Bamforth. In two brief periods of activity, 1898-1900 and 1913-1915, Bamforth and Company of Holmfirth was responsible for producing this regionally and nationally significant collection.

A man walks along a street swinging a walking stick. He sees a sign in a shop window which reads: `Look! As much as you can eat and drink for 9d'.

He enters the shop, hangs his hat and walking stick up, and rings the bell at the table. A woman takes his order and brings back several plates of food and beer. He gobbles the food quickly and rings the bell again. The woman looks at him in shock. She returns with more food which he again gobbles it all up. He rings the bell again, and his stomach is visibly fatter.

He eventually rings the bell in order to finish and pay. He gives the woman a tip, but she doesn't look pleased with it. He leaves the shop and walks down the street holding his stomach.

Title-After the heavy meal `Tomkins' has a horrible dream.

Tomkins sits on his bed holding his stomach. He lies down on the bed and goes to sleep. A white covered figure comes up from the side of the bed and stands there. It then takes off its gloves one by one.

Title-When one is in trouble, tap yourself or another with one of these gloves and see what happens.

The next scene is in a park. A couple are on a bench in an embrace. Tomkins walks over to them and shakes his fist at the man and hits him with a glove. The man turns into a savage native and chases after the woman. Tomkins then taps the woman and she turns into a policeman. He turns himself into one too. The police man then chases the savage away and Tomkins changes both of them back.

They walk back to the bench where they embrace then they walk off arm-in-arm.