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YFA 5701



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Made by Henry Foster, this film features some of the actors who are performing in the York mystery plays in St Olave's Church yard, including Judi Dench as an angel.  It also shows people gathered outside a church for a wedding, and a long religious procession going into St George’s Church on George Street, York.

The film begins showing players in the cemetery of St Olave's Church in York, at the back of the stage leading on to the Museum Gardens.  Some of them go up the stairs at the back of the scaffolding.  

There is a wedding being held in a church, with people gathered outside next to a wonky Belisha beacon.  Back at the Museum Gardens, there is a large stand has been erected, half full of spectators.  Among the actors that are seen is the one playing God.  A group of actors walk past, including Judi Dench as an angel. 

The last section of the film features a catholic procession at St George’s Church on George Street, York.  The long procession makes its way into the church, and there is a small crowd watching from the side of the road.  The procession is led by girls dressed in white, who are followed by both girls and boys of different ages.  Many of the younger ones all hold their hands as if in prayer, while some of the older girls have white veils.  A priest organises the procession, which continues with girls holding baskets of flowers, and there is a section of men, followed by nuns.  

(Dufay colour)  The procession now comes back out of the church.  

(B&W) There are more nuns in procession followed by a separate women’s section, and the film ends showing some of the people who have come to watch.