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YFA 2213



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This film documents the involvement of the boys from Arch Bishop Holgate School in the York Festival of 1956.  There is also a segment that shows York station in the ‘50s and a school trip to France and Switzerland.

Title – A.H.G.S Presents.

Title – The exodus.

A Mystery Plays wagon is being pulled through the streets of York. There are many actors in costume walking beside the wagon. There are shots of interested passers-by and, city walls, and the nearby grounds which are in bloom with daffodils.

Title – the end.

A man wearing orange trousers walks across a stage with a blue fabric backdrop.

Title - A.H.G.S Presents.

Title - Ring up the curtain 1958

This scene documents the school’s annual entertainment review. This includes boys ballet dancing and unusual shots of Frank Dobson (MP and old boy) dressed as Liberace in pink trousers playing the piano.  Additionally there is a fashion show for women (performed by the boys).

Title – The end.

Shots of York station.

Title – The end.

Title – Ring up curtain 1958.

Title – Luxury tours LTD. Present.

Title – Metropole Et Montagne.

Title - A record of the A.H.G.S trip to France Easter 1959.

Title – Painting Paris…

The opening shot of this sequence captures students and teachers standing outside a shop.

Various shots of the teachers and students in Paris taking in sights such as the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triumph. Shots of the Hotel where the students are staying: ‘Hotel Du Nord’.

Title – Versailles.

Students walking round the grounds of the palace of Versailles, plus various shots of the palace itself.

Title – Saint Claude.

There are shots of the verdant landscape and other shots of the students exploring the town of Saint Claude.

Title – Geneva.

Shots of students in the snow plastered streets of Geneva. The students are then captured by the filmmaker playing mini golf, and this is superseded by more sprawling scenery shots. The final shots of the film show a hotel, most likely were they stayed: ‘hotel de la Frenaie’.

Title – the end.