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YFA 2211



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This reel is comprised of three films documenting part of the Mystery Plays play performed in York, a car trip across the North Yorkshire Moors, and a family trip to France.

Title - York festival 1960. Christ Waggon play. 1960.

The opening shot of this film shows a wagon which has been adapted into a biblical themed set using a white pillared structure. Schoolchildren, dressed in appropriate costume such as head scarves and long cloaks, stand aboard the cart as it is pulled through the streets of York by other performers. Then, with cart in a stationary position outside a row of houses, the filmmaker captures a performance of the play at Dubcombe Place, York, where an impressively large crowd has gathered to watch.

New film

Title - Titine

The first shot in this film shows a long line of cars queuing on a dock waiting to board a ferry. A car stops at petrol station beneath the arch of a steel bridge. Then, from a moving ferry, the filmmaker captures the steel framework of the same bridge, before back on shore; there are several shots of a concrete pier.

In the next sequence, a dark car - what looks like a jaguar - is parked by the side of a road. The filmmaker then proceeds to capture a variety of shots which show the car travelling through the North York Moors. The final few shots show the car parked in the driveway of a grand house, before the car drives along a road away from the camera.

Title - The end

New film

Title - Dix francs de super.

A man leans out driver's side window of a car and holds up a French Franc. There are then sequences which show the mountainous landscape of the French Alps, a sprawling lake, and the family having a picnic in a field. A sign then reads, 'Auberge du Pere Bise', and a man sits at a lake side caf? drinking wine, before the filmmaker cuts to show the boats which populate the calm waters. Following this, there are several shots of a bridge and the surrounding oblique landscape. A sign reads, 'Ville De Paris. Domaine des. Sources de la Seine' and following this is a tall cathedral which stands above a French street. The final shot is taken from a car as it boards a channel ferry.

Title - Fin