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Made by John Cave, this film features a variety of famous sites and recreational activities Scarborough has to offer.

Title - This Is My Town
Production John Cave
A Week End Re-view of Scarborough

The film opens with the ruins of Scarborough castle where people are walking around.

Title - The Castle ruins dominate the town.

There are good views of the town from the Castle, footage taken over the shoulder of a man looking out at the town from the Castle. The town and the bay can be seen.

Title - Some of the old houses remain yet.

There is a close up of a date on a wall plaque - 1712 - and there are Tudor-style buildings located on this street.

Title - But are now quickly disappearing.

There is a house with an antique shop next door. The house has a plaque - Here Dwelt Richard III. Women stand near the doorway and look at the plaque. This is followed by more footage of the street, and a woman can be seen in the foreground.

Title - Once a busy Harbour - It is now used mostly by pleasure boats.

People line the harbour wall and watch as a small boat full of people leaves the harbour. A man and boy are fishing under an arch way, and there is a large boat with tall masts, the Hispaniola. People can be seen on board the boat looking around, and the filmmaker looks down on boats in the harbour.

Title - The motor vessel |Coronia| is a fast and modern ship, and is very popular with visitors seeking sea trips.

The Coronia leaves the harbour.

Title - Speed boats cater for those who like things fast and furious.

Speed boats are out at sea, and some of them return to the harbour. There are people who climb on board a speed boat, and the speed boat leaves the harbour.

Title - But for a short and placid trip try the ferry boat.

A man is rowing a ferry boat in to harbour, and people climb on board.

Title - Scarborough is well known for its Tunny Fishing.

There is a close up of fish lying on the boat deck of a fishing boat. They are then lifted by a crane. Fishermen are at work, and people have gathered to watch these large fish being raised up. There is an Austin lorry nearby, and the sign on the lorry reads, "Coastal Food Recovery, Beaconsfield Street, Scarborough."

Title - Once a residential mansion, the Town Hall has a good sea-view.

There is a shot of the exterior of Scarborough Town Hall.

Title - The Public gardens below lead down to the sand.

Many people can be seen enjoying the Public gardens. People walking toward the camera, and an airship is in the background with, "Space Ship A 53" on the side of the ship. There is a shot of the airship from the road, and a view of the promenade and beach. People are seated in deck chairs around a tea stand. All along the beach, crowds of people are seated in deck chairs. There are also good views of fairground rides, children getting ice cream. A band is playing in the bandstand, and there are many people out and enjoying the beach.

Title - To the South is the Spa.

There is an exterior shot of the Spa with people on the beach in the foreground. Women walk towards the Spa, the Spa Waters kiosk can be seen, and there are 1930s cars parked in the background.

Title - The discovery of mineral springs changed the town to a resort.
Sign - Spa Wells discovered in 1620.

Women are walking around the spa, and there are good views of an open air concert with band playing as well as of the surrounding Spa.

Title - Gardens are laid out on the cliffs.

There is a close up of the sign pointing toward the Italian Garden and bathing pool. Following this is a long shot and then a close up of man and woman in the bathing pool. There are also many scenes of the gardens.

Title - Above the Spa rises Oliver's Mount.

View of lake and Oliver's Mount.

Title - Now the scene of the motorcycle races.

Motorcycle races take place, and a crowd of spectators have gathered at the edge of the track to watch the event.

Title - From the Mount side race course we overlook the mere.

People are seated on the grass outside a club house, and there is a view of the lake.

Title - The good ship Hispaniola is the star attraction.

People make their way onto the boat.

Title - With Long John Silver and his crew sails to Treasure Island.

The Hispaniola leaves the harbour, and there is footage of the ship and the people on board.

Title - Searching the sand for Doubloons.

Adults and children are on the beach, searching through the sand.

Title - Returning to shore again by the Hispaniola.

The ship comes back into the harbour, and on board, there is a man dressed as a pirate.

Title - Leaving the races we are just in time to see the old crock's rally.

Antique cars race along the road past the camera.

Title - The distance from Hull is 42 miles.

More cars go past, and there is a close up of a gentleman in a top hat and bow tie. Crowds of people surround the cars.

Title - Most of them return by road.

The cars go past again.

Title - On the north side are further attractions.

There is a view of the bay followed by a close up of a lady with a dog.

Title - The North Bay pool is well patronised.

The North Bay pool can be seen in the distance. Then closer to the pool, men and women stand around in their bathing costumes.

Title - Peasholme lake, once a donkey field.

Shot of the lake.

Title - The floating band stand provides music.

Many people are gathered in the park and enjoying the lake. Some ride on boats in the lake, and there is also a sign for admission to a tree walk. There are people on the tree walk, and there are miniature sculptures along the way.

Title - Miniature Golf is a handy diversion.

Men and women can be seen playing on the miniature golf course.

Title - Across the road are the North-Stead Manor Gardens.

Many are out boating on the lake, and there is a water ride where the boat slides down a chute into the water. Crowds of people are out enjoying the gardens.

Title - A ticket for the miniature railway takes us to Scalby Mills.

There is a close up of a Ticket Inspector in uniform, issuing tickets to the public. This is followed by footage of the miniature railway train arriving. Passengers leave on the miniature railway, passing the North-Stead Manor Gardens and the boat ride. The train takes its passengers in to a tunnel and out the other side. It passes another train full of passengers going in the opposite direction.

Title - Where a council owned licenced hotel is at our service.

People wade in the rock pools. Three ladies walk towards the hotel, and there is a view of hotel and gardens with picnic tables and large umbrellas to provide shade.

Title - Let's go back on the mile long railway.

The Ticket Inspector waves his flag, and the train sets off. There are good views of the railway full of people. The film closes with picturesque shots of the bay.

Title - To be continued year after year.
Title - The End.