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YFA 3519



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A film made by local filmmaker Ernest Taylor, of a Mediterranean Cruise including Mary Clare, Gracie Fields, and June Whitfield.

The film begins with a man on a ship using a cine camera, followed by the title 'My Summer Cruise', against the background of a map of Europe. Luggage is then loaded onto the ship, 'the Arcadia'. The ship is then tugged away from Southampton Ocean Terminal. The lifeboats are being cleaned by workers, mostly foreign.

Intertitle: 'Collision Drill for the Crew' The crew line up on deck for instruction wearing life vests. Then some men are playing a game throwing rope rings into circles marked on the deck. This is followed by a game where swimmers dive into a pool to retrieve spoons. A map of Europe is then shown with the cruise journey marked on it and the title, 'Italian customs officials come aboard'. A boat pulls up alongside the ship from which a posse of custom officers board. Some small boats are lowered to take passengers on a trip.

Intertitle: 'We leave Naples for a day trip to Capri'. From Naples Harbour the passengers board a larger boat to take them to Capri. Along the way they pass by US destroyers 807 and 830, and the US aircraft carrier 41, Midway. They disembark, have a brief look at a market and take a trip on the 'Funicolare' monorail. At the top they have a look at some antique stalls and sit outside a caf?.

Intertitle: 'The sun comes out and so do the 'STARS'' 'June Whitfield, Mary Clare, Gracie Fields'
Next to a caf? on the coast June Whitfield walks towards and past the camera smiling, followed by a close up of Mary Clare and then Gracie Fields, stopping to chat with a group of people before making her way up some steps to a balcony. Then a horse drawn buggy is seen before going on to a crowded market with a couple of US sailors. A map showing the cruise route shows a stopover at Palermo. Back on board the cruise ship passengers are relaxing on deckchairs in the sun, and someone is filming with a cine camera. Two women have a mock fight sat in plastic rings in the swimming pool, followed by two men doing the same. Some men then have a pillow fight sat on a log suspended above the pool.

Intertitle: 'Palermo' In Palermo there is a line of horse drawn carriages, with people living among part-destroyed buildings. Washing is being hung from the balconies of apartments. A group of children pose for the camera. A workman does road repairs and children play in the street. In the harbour there are many sailing boats, and the surrounding buildings are covered in scaffolding. There are views of the streets of Palermo, and its gardens and architecture, including the Piazza Ruggero Settimo. The touring group look out over the mountainous terrain from high up on a balcony. A stick then traces the journey on the map back across the Mediterranean to Portugal. Back again on board and passengers play a game of throwing and catching a rope ring over a net. Other passengers read, snooze and eat. June Whitfield stands at the side of the ship looking at the coastal scenery, then relaxing on a deckchair and later playing on deck. In a children's area games are played, despite the problems caused by the wind.

Intertitle: 'Lisbon' Street scenes are shown, including women carrying baskets on their heads, in and around Lisbon. There are further shots of the architecture, gardens and parks. Then the stick on the map traces the journey back to Britain. The Arcadia finally docks back and the union jack is hoisted up the flag pole. The End.