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NEFA 21304



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Amateur film of the garden at the home of the Cameron family in Newcastle upon Tyne, from spring to winter. The keen gardener is James Cameron Senior, a founder member and Secretary of Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA).

Title: In My Garden

The film opens with close-ups of spring-time blossom and flowers. A cat dozes in the sun and is teased with some string. Many shots follow of shrubs and flowers, including tulips, in a garden (some out of focus).

George Cameron Senior chats with a woman in a nurse’s uniform, who may be his wife. Portrait shot of the nurse talking and laughing. They stroll together through the Cameron’s garden in Newcastle upon Tyne. The nurse talks to a young woman in a fur trimmed coat and cloche hat, who may be Janet Cameron, her daughter. The family’s pet dog carries a magazine over to the nurse in its mouth. She teases the dog.

Still of a plant pot full of daffodils.

James Cameron’s daughter breathes in the perfume of the daffodils. She then plays with the dog in the garden. Close-ups follow of roses and other flowers in the garden.

Cameron’s daughter gives the dog a brush and collects piles of hair. The dog drinks milk from a glass held out to it. Close-up of the dog, followed by shots of flowers.

James Cameron Senior spreads piles of fertiliser over his lawn. Portrait shot of James Cameron Senior in a flat cap and scarf, holding a rake. Close-ups of a bush. Cameron pulls out dead foliage and digs in the garden.

Cameron plants bulbs in plant pots.

Trees and bushes are blowing in the windy weather.

James Cameron oils his lawnmower and mows his lawn. Close-ups follow of flowers and fruit trees in early autumn. Pears are picked.

Exterior shot of the Cameron family’s conservatory in the snow. Their pet dog plays in the snow. Exterior shots of the house and garden in winter follow. Close-ups of plant shoots breaking through the snow close the film.

Title: The End