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YFA 2659



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This amateur film was made by a Sheffield filmmaker, Kenneth Tofield.  It features his wife and son in their back garden during their leisure time at home. 

Title - In My Garden With John and Mummy (and sometimes Daddy).

The film opens with John, a young boy, playing on a little red pedal bike.  A small red truck sits in the middle of the garden.  There are close up shots of the flowers in the garden.

Facing the house, Dad and John walk out carrying tools and flower boxes.  They dig the soil together and plant some flowers. 

Mother sits at a table in the garden while John sits in a highchair.  She feeds him boiled eggs and strawberries.  John then plays on his red bike, riding up to his mum who is now laid out on a deckchair.  He pulls the shade over her head and laughs to the camera.

Sitting on a blanket on the grass, John plays with his toy buses. 

Back in the back garden, John helps his mum cut the grass by running along side her.  Later, there is a close up shot of him pretending to cut the grass with his very small toy lawn mower.

John and his mum stand at the front gate, and two boys walk towards the camera.  They are invited in and the boys play in the garden.  A Terry's Milk Chocolate box sits on the grass, and John gives one each to his friends.  John and his mum pick and eat apples. 

At night small garden fireworks go off.  John and his mum set off some sparklers and make patterns in the dark