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YFA 3893



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Taken during a day out, this film includes footage of a walk through the countryside in May, 1978.

Title - My Farm Walk Story.

Picture - People gathered in the stable yard.

Families are gathered in front of the house and stable yard with rucksacks and walking equipment. The families set off on their walk down the road out of the stable yard.

Picture - People walking in the countryside "Monday 22nd May", Sheep in a green field with a wooden fence.

In the stable yard, families gather around a tractor with a forklift on the front. The children are sitting in the back of a trailer. They then walk together down the country road with the adults behind them.

Picture - A house and garden and people walking in the field.

The group walks together in the field and past woodland. A toddler feeds a white horse leaning over a wooden fence, and another boy swings on a rope swing. In the stable yard is a pile of cabbages. Inside a barn the families are served a variety of foods which they eat outside in the stable yard. Here, they sit on bales of hay and on the grass. People walk in the cow fields and climb over the gates. The cows stand watching the families crossing over the gates.

Picture - People standing in a field with their hands in the air, children looking over the fence at a field of sheep. The families are gathered in the stable yard drinking from plastic cups.

Picture - A man eating.

The families walk through the fields.

Picture - Boy standing in field with his arms in the air.