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YFA 1007



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This is a film which shows the last journey by passenger train along the now closed route from Sheffield Victoria Station to Manchester.

The film begins showing the overhead electric cables and then a train quickly passing over the camera, followed by the title: ‘My Farewell To The Sheffield Manchester Electrics’.  The film then shows some buildings and a sign for Sheffield Victoria Railway Station, followed by the inside of the Station (though it is very dark).  Propped up on the outside of a moving passenger train, the camera shows the train departing. The train is then shown from the side of the track passing by.  It is being pulled by a diesel engine even though electric cable runs overhead. The route shows the Wicker arches, Neepsend, and Five Arches viaduct.  Two tall chimneys are in the background, and from a moving train it passes cooling towers and sidings with coal wagons.  Then, from high above on the hillside at Owlerton, a train is shown passing. 

The film shows inside the signal box at Wadsley Bridge with the track diagram, and a diesel pulled passenger train passing the box, followed by a class 76 electric.  From the camera on the moving train the film shows the train passing Penistone Station, on to Dunford Bridge Station, into Woodhead Tunnel and leaving the Tunnel at Woodhead Station.  Having left the tunnel the train passes reservoirs and the surrounding wintry countryside.  It also passes over a viaduct, Crowden Signalbox, the sidings at Dinting, Mottram and Broadbottom Stations, and through Godley Junction, before the film comes to an end.