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A sponsored film by Turners Film Productions of the sea trials and handing over ceremony of the M.V. "Ceres" on the 27th & 28th December 1951. The container ship was built on the River Tees by Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd at Haverton Hill for Rederiaktiesolget, but the sea trials took place in the North Sea off the coast of Tynemouth during stormy weather. The engine was built by North East Marine Engineering, Wallsend, which may be the reason trials took place from the River Tyne.

Title: M.V. "Ceres" Built by Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Haverton Hill.

Title: For Rederiaktiesolaget "Ceres" Stockholm.

The film opens with a photograph of a ship. Various views follow of ships moored on the quayside of the River Tyne. In the background, there is a large crane with the initials "N.E.M.". Ropes are lowered from the deck of a ship onto the Tyne tug boat George V. The ship is towed away from the quayside and sails downstream. Other ships on the river pass or are moored alongside the river. Traveling shots of Tynemouth, as the ship heads out to sea, the Souter Lighthouse to the right. One of the ship's officers steers the ship from the bridge.

Title: Anchor tests were held off the River Tyne - weather reports warning of southerly gales.

General view of the anchor mechanism and of the anchor lowered and raised. Men in white boiler suits stand on deck alongside another man holding a clipboard taking notes.

Title: During the night of high seas and violent southerly gales, the "Ceres" passed her test with flying colours.

General view of an officer steering the ship through stormy seas. This is followed by two men looking out of a porthole in the rain storm.

Title: The ship handed over on return to the Tyne.

The ship heads back up the River Tyne, lots of traffic on the river. Traveling shots record other vessels both on the river and moored up along the river banks. Two men raise a flag which says "Ceres".

Title: Owners Mr Ake Hogberg, Mr Bernelius.

Title: Captain Borg and Mr Gustafason.

Title: Shipbuilder representative Mr Butterwick, Engine builder representative Mr Yellowby.

Title: Ship Captain Captain Bergengren.

The owners, captain and shipyard representative shake hands, as the ship is ready to be handed over to the owners. The British naval flag, the Royal Ensign, is then lowered and the Swedish flag raised. There are general views of the quayside area where a group of people have gathered to watch the ceremony.