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NEFA 20938



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This film made by students of Bede College looking at the North East alternative newspaper “Muther Grumble”. The film show views of young people walking around Durham City and shots of various pages from the newspaper. The film also includes shots of young people seated in a room, possibly the office of 'Muther Grumble', smoking and talking.

The film begins showing a young man walking along a road past a parked Esso tanker. In the background can be seen Durham Cathedral. He apprached and walks through a door marked “Durham Claimont Union – Muther Grumble”.

The film cuts to show various pages from the ‘Muther Grumble’ newspaper. During this sequence the voice of a young man can be heared speaking over the phone with a senior police officer asking for an interview about the newspaper.

In a room surrounded by ‘Muther Grumble’ posters a number of young people sit around smoking.

The film cuts to show a number of young women walking along a street. The film cuts back to show a man with long hair seated in a room smoking.

A young man exits the ‘Durham Claimont Union’ building. General view of crowds in Durham Market Place and of Doggarts department store. A policeman walks past ‘The Market Tavern’.

The film cuts to show more pages from ‘Muther Grumble’.

Back in Durham Market Place a policeman speaks with a number of bikers. Another police officer in a cap walks along a road. He speaks with a driver in an ‘Elkes’ lorry.

General view of Doggarts department store and the statue of 3rd Marquess of Londonderry in Durham Market Place.

A young man walks along Sadler Street towards the ‘Durham Claimont Union’ building.

General view of a two young men in a room smoking and talking.

A sign attached to a building reads: ‘Babyflair Childrens Outfitters – First Floor’. A smaller sign underneath reads: Muther Grumble’.

A man rolls a cigarette and lights it with a match.

A young couple walks along a road.

A crowd of people walks up a set of concrete steps. A large sign on the wall behind them reads: ‘Millburngate’.

General view of people walking alongside a busy road. There is a view looking inside an office building. People walk along a concrete walkway

The film cuts to an exterior view of the King William VI public house on North Road in Durham City. [The building was demolished in 1973 as part of the Millburngate Development.]

The film ends with a view of Durham Cathedral as seen from a wooded area.