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Made by filmmaker Lucy Fairbank, this is part two of a travelogue of a trip around part of pre-war Europe. The film also includes rare footage of Adolf Hitler before the outbreak of the Second World War. The special jubilee season of the Oberammergau Passion Play in 1934, marking the 300-year anniversary of the original vow to re-enact Jesus' Passion and Suffering every ten years thereafter, was the first performance after the Nazi regime's rise to power the year previous. Among other things, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda ordered the official poster for the jubilee season amended to include the message "Deutschland ruft dich!" ("Germany is calling you!"), and the Kraft durch Freude scheme's discount-travel programme offered special cut-rate packages to the Passion Play, including rail fare, tickets and accommodations.

Title-Munich to Tegernsee

The film opens with a woman sitting by the window in a hotel room in Munich; the double sinks and bed are visible and then there are shots of the busy streets outside. People walk along the pavements, cars and trams both drive on the road. There are shots of a big fountain, a boating lake, a market, caf?s and a group of people feeding pigeons in a square. A young man of Indian origin has two pigeons on his hands; he smiles at the camera.

The next scene is in the Bavarian Alps and there are shots of sail boats on a lake and people walking and cycling all around the lake. A man in lederhosen pushes his bike up the path past the camera. Also situated alongside the lake is a covered beer garden with women serving in traditional dress. A couple, both wearing traditional dress, walk along the path towards the camera.

The village is full of houses and buildings all built in the Bavarian style. Along the main street people go about their business, most of the men wear traditional lederhosen.

Title-Oberammergau, Bavarian Alps and Village Scenes

Crowds of people of all ages and ethnicities walk alongside train tracks towards a building with `Oberammergau' written on the side. Again most of the men are wearing lederhosen.

Title-Going along the main street of the village.

The street is busy with pedestrians, including people of African and Indian origin, and men and women in traditional dress.

Title-At the house of Hans Zwink (Our host)

Shot of a large chalet-style house with several balconies and many trees in the front garden; a woman sits outside and smiles at the camera. Following this a young woman and a young girl, both wearing white aprons, walk along hand0in-hand; the young woman smiles at the camera. There are also shots of the large, white, ornate houses and buildings in the village. There are many people cycling around the village and one of the cyclists stares at the camera and he goes b. Then there are lingering shots of a building with paintings on the side.

A group of firemen walk by and smile at the camera; they have their helmets on a one of them is swinging a length of rope. The next few shots take in more buildings and the numerous swastika flags on buildings and flag poles. Following this are shots showing the beautiful valley in which the village is situated; the mountains rise up above it.

Title-A walk in the Bavarian Alps

A man in lederhosen walks along a worn path ahead of the camera; the route takes them through the middle of the valley and there are many shots of the surrounding countryside. Some locals pass by on carts, with horses and on foot.

Back in the village and there are shots of the locals chatting to each other in the square and washing sheets in the river; a young woman kneels at the edge of the river washing and stares at the camera.

There are shots of a big city with people bustling about in the rain with umbrellas. There are no traditional clothes visible in this scene and there are some guards in uniforms.

Title-Hitler visits the passion play.

A large crowd has gathered behind rope barriers which lead up to the `Hotel Whittelsbach'. Men and women of all ages and dressed quite formally push to get a better view. There are swastika flags flying from the hotel and guards pushing the crowds back as they become more frenzied. Several plain clothes men run down the middle of the crowd in order to move them and many of the crowd salute in the direction of the hotel. Then a car drives through the middle of the crowd; Hitler is standing on top of the car waving his hand at the crowd. In the aftermath most people disperse and leave but some people still mill about.

There are shots taken from the back of the hotel as people exit in order to see Hitler as he continues on his visit through the village; more hands can be seen saluting.

Title-Some characters of the Passion play, Anny Rutz (Mary), Klara Myer (Magdalena), Anton Lang (Prologue)

There is a shot of a large, white building with a Red Cross flag on the outside and medics waiting near the entrance.

Title-Anny Rutz (Mary)

A woman stands for the camera smiling and looking shy. In the next shot she is talking to people on the street and walks into a building, possibly the venue for the play.

Title-Klara Myer

A young woman smiles and talks to the camera. There is a shot of her exiting the venue too.

Title-Anton Lang.

An older man with a big beard exits the venue and smiles at the camera as he passes by.

Title-John, Judas, Annas, Caiphas, Pilate, Dathan and other actors.


A younger man with long hair exits the building and smiles at the camera.


A young man with dark hair and beard enters the building

There are several shots of many men, women and children entering and exiting the venue at various times. Most of the men have long hair and quite a few are wearing lederhosen.

Title-A thrilling journey from Oberammergau to Innsbruck

Some people are sitting in an open air carriage on a moving train; it goes through tunnels, passes through the valley and over the mountains. There are long shots of the train tracks taken from the front of the moving train.


There is a big, arched gateway at the top of a busy street; cars and trams drive along the street. The town is overshadowed by the mountains.

Title-Marie Theresa Street.

A long street with tall, pillar monuments, bustles with lots of people. There are grand buildings along the street and the mountains surround the town.

Title-In old Innsbruck

Horses, carts and pedestrians walk along a smaller street with equally ornate buildings The final shot is taken on a large bridge and looks down to the river and the mountains in the distance.