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YFA 2939



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This film is a dramatization of what happens with a customer, Mr. Smith, walks into Burton Tailoring to purchase a suit and overcoat. It documents the process from ordering, through some production, to the delivery of the final product.

A man walking across the street to the Burton Tailoring shop. Here, he decides to buy a suit and an overcoat at which point a man shows Mr. Smith a book of cloth swatches from which to choose. The man in the store begins to take the measurements while another records those numbers. The order is then sent to the Leeds factory where it is sorted, the cloth calculated, and cut by a warehouse worker. In the dispatch department, the orders are sorted by means of where they are to be sent, each branch location receiving a different stamp on its packaging and order form. The transport staff checks and loads the van, and different sized vehicles can be seen leaving the dispatch department, the vehicle size related to the journey it needs to take. Once the suit arrives at the branch location, it is checked over by the staff. As it appears, not all of Mr. Smith's order has arrived. The staff takes care and assures that his entire order will arrive on time as Mr. Smith is in need of all items for his special occasion in the very near future. The film then ends with Mr. Smith trying on his new clothing and leaving, suit in hand, a satisfied customer.