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This short promotional film is a Bell & Howell advert for home cine 8 equipment for the amateur filmmaker, showing cameras, projector and family film footage. Glamorous female presenters help to sell the product. The film was made by Turners Film Productions for Rank Precision Industries Limited, and would have been screened in the Turners camera shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Title: Bell & Howell The Quality Name In Cine Equipment

Title: Movies For You

Credit: Produced for Rank Precision Industries Limited by Turners Film Productions, Newcastle Upon Tyne

The film opens with a cosy domestic scene in a family living room. A wife sits knitting in a floral armchair by the fireside; children play games on the floor; the husband sits in an armchair with a newspaper resting on the arm. Outside it is dark and someone rings the doorbell. The family rushes to answer the door. Harry and Barbara arrive with a portable projector screen. One of the children pulls out a reel of film from Harry’s pocket, taken with his 8m Bell & Howell cine camera.

The wife, dressed in a bright red dress, demonstrates how to open the small portable screens for home movie display.

Back at the house, Harry teaches the other husband how to thread the projector, A child watches. The voiceover comments that they have decided that colour movies are a must for anyone with children. The visitor turns the crank of the projector. The lights are switched off and the two families settle down to watch the movies. The man stands by as the projector starts up.

Footage of Harry and Barbara’s sailing holiday follows. A man stands at the side of the lake with the small Bell & Howell cine camera. The voiceover gives simple instructions: just set, aim and press the trigger. There is more footage of two yachts competing on a lake. Next, sailing movie footage is inter-cut with brief scenes of the families watching the movie at home. In the home movie the competitors boat capsizes. Barbara films the event from the other yacht. The competitors bail out water and smile to camera.

The next sequences promote the Bell & Howell cine cameras. Two cine cameras revolve on a display; a Bell & Howell 626 Sun Dial camera is displayed. A close-up captures the ease of loading the film. A woman demonstrates how to wind the camera. She notes the weather conditions, sets the dial to the appropriate symbol, and is ready to shoot. More home movie footage of sailing couples follows.

A glamorous woman holds a Bell & Howell Autoset 8mm movie camera that self adjusts according to light levels. Home movie footage of sailing in low evening light follows. The woman looks through a cine camera viewfinder. Close-up as she unloads the Kodachrome film to send off for processing.

The family enjoys home movies projected in the home. Harry and Barbara’s sailing movie footage is screened.

Close-up of the Kodachrome Colour Movie Film box for 8mm roll cameras, so small they fit into your handbag!

A Bell & Howell 624 Sun Dial camera revolves on a display. Title: £23. 15. 7d with case.

A Bell & Howell Electric Eye Autoset revolves on display. Title: £41. 16. 0d with case.

The film cuts back to a display of the two cameras together.

Title: Remember 8mm Colour Movies are cheaper with Bell & Howell Precision Cameras.

End Title: Bell & Howell. The Quality Name In Cine Equipment.