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Made by members of the Mercury Movie Makers, this is an instructional film showing various techniques about how to incorporate still images and slides onto 16mm cine film. The film is accompanied by music and commentary.

Title - Movies From Stills
Title - An instructional film in the Cinefact Series

The film opens with an image of a painting depicting a prehistoric landscape. After incorporating additional paintings into the film, the filmmaker goes onto show the audience the process involved in order to capture these images on film. The book has been held in place with clips and rubber bands in order to keep the picture flat. The camera is mounted on a structure above the picture, and the shot is lit with flood lamps on either side. In order to create movement within the frame, the picture board is moved back and forth while the camera is stationary. Other examples are used in addition to the painting of the prehistoric landscape.

The filmmaker also goes onto demonstrate how to use slides in this process. Additional camera lenses are needed for this because of how close the camera needs to be to the slide. The filmmaker also measures the light using a light meter which will allow him to set for the correct exposure. Much of the technology used in order to capture these shots has been self-developed by members of the Cine Club. As well as slides, the filmmaker goes through the process needed in order to capture still frames from 16mm films or projected images.

Television production companies use a quite similar process in order to broadcast still images on film. A large machine is displayed, and the machine is power driven and controlled with a remote in order to create movement within the frame.

The film returns to the home-made equipment which is being used to capture images of the York Minster. The film made from this process creates the illusion that someone had actually been able to film extensively in the interior of the Minster. The film ends with these interior scenes.

Title - Produced by Mercury Movie Makers with assistance from the Yorkshire Arts Association
Title - The End