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Home movie compilation by amateur Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom Brown. In the first part, Tom, wife Kate, and their friends demonstrate a series of sports through the ages using makeshift props found on their rambling trip in the North Yorkshire countryside. The sports theme continues with a record of the Middlesbrough Constantine Technical College Rag Sports Day in 1933. The 'Rogues Gallery' is an experimental, comic 'quiz' film made with the Teesside Cine Club that features family members and friends in a series of spoof mug shots of "shady" characters.

Title: Movie No. 9

Title: Sport Through The Ages

Title: Being incidents in the lives of well-known historical characters

Credit: Photographed by T. H. Brown

Title: 800,000 years ago. Two anthropoids at play

Two men attempt to seesaw on a farm implement, watched by friends from a gateway to the field.

Title: 3,000 years ago. Ancient Greece

Title: Achilles Dawson throws the discus

Kate Brown and a group of friends are at a disused building. A man plays a mock fanfare with a walking stick. Another man throws a round object as a discus. Kate Brown crowns the discus thrower with twigs.

Title: Victor Ludorum

The victor salutes.

Title: 2000 years ago. A.P.F.Caractacus goes in

Title: Cricket At Ye Oval

The three women cheer as Harold Dawson runs out with his makeshift cricket bat and takes his position at the stumps.

Title: The Winning Hit

Harold Dawson hits a winner. Kate Brown rushes up to play wicket keeper as he takes a swing at the ball.

Title: Out.

The two retire to the disused building.

Title: Present Day. Harold Mc Dugal Tosses The Caber

Harold tosses cabers made of thin tree trunks against the backdrop of a ghostly wood.

Title: Constantine College Rag Sports, 1933

The next sequences, all with intertitles, show various student sports taking place at Constantine College Rag Sports day, probably in Green Lane, Middlesbrough, as follows: cycling race; relay race; long jump that includes a trick reverse shot of a woman long jumper; 440 yards sprint; hurdles; a view of the many trophies displayed at a table; women’s sprint race; J. Anderson in full flight in the high jump; J. Anderson hands over in a relay race; an official fires a starter pistol for a race.

A large crowd jostles around the prizes arranged on a table. A woman presents prizes to various winners. Many men are smoking in the audience. Some prize  winners pose with their trophies. A man with a megaphone announces a winner.

Title: The Rogues Gallery

A comic 'quiz' film, invites the viewer to identify a set of disreputable characters or 'convicts.' A close-up of hands, feet or other body part, often with some held object, forms the first shot and clue. This is followed by a full-length shot of the character. Friends and family play the characters and Tom H. Brown himself acts in the film. Intertitles introduce each character’s part as follows:


Convict No. 1 - A confidence man - Who draws on other people’s accounts - Who was that?

Convict No. 2 - The night club queen - Who was that?

Convict No. 3 - A well known drug trafficker - Who was that?

Convict No. 4 - A man to be feared - Who was that?

Convict No. 5 - A ham-ateur bag snatcher - Who was that?

Convict No.6 - The wrecker of homes - A very big bigamist - Who was that?

Convict No. 7 - A famous tobacco smuggler - Who was that?

Convict No. 8 - A smash and grab raider - This man wants watching - Who was that?

Convict No. 9 - A trickster who poses as an Indian Rajah - Who was that?

Convicts 10 & 11 - Two devotees of Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist - Who was that?

Convict No. 12 - A financial swindler and long firm promoter - Who was that?

Convict No. 13 - Piccolo Pete, the Chicago Butcher - Who was that?

Convict No. 14 - A notorious racecourse welsher - Who was that?

Convict No. 15 - A ‘bum’ gigolette - Who was that?

The film closes with scenes from a winter landscape. A general view of fields and trees deep in snow is followed by a shot of a car parked in a snowy country lane. People play in the snow. Cattle drink in a stream with snow-covered banks.

Note: The Browns' friend Harold Dawson was a Middlesbrough bookmaker, eventually selling out to Ladbrokes and retiring as a millionaire to Jersey.