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Amateur home movie compilation with intertitles made by the Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom H. Brown. Covering the years 1930-1933, the film records a family tour of the Scottish Borders from Berwick-Upon-Tweed to Edinburgh, Melrose and Gretna Green. Includes footage of the salmon fishing industry in Berwick Upon Tweed and of the arrival of HRH Prince of Wales for the official opening of Constantine College, Middlesbrough, on 2 July 1930. The racing personality, Sir Henry Segrave, and his boat the 'Miss England II' feature in scenes from the Lake District. This material was probably filmed shortly before Segrave set the water speed record at Windermere on 13 June 1930.

Title: T.H.Brown Presents Title: Movie No. 7

Title: Windermere On Whit. Sunday 1930

Picture of a sailing boat on Lake Windermere on Whit Sunday.

Title: Miss England II In Her 'Garage'

Travelling shot of the waterfront warehouses of Borwicks Ltd Boat Builders and Engineers, Windermere. The Miss England II is parked in one of the warehouse docks.

Title: Earl Howe’s Bugatti With A Cuckoo In the Nest

Kate Brown waves and poses at the wheel of Earl Howe’s Bugatti racing car.

Title: Segrave’s Rolls Royce

A group of men and women examine a Rolls-Royce. The onlookers include Kate Brown.

Title: Sir Henry Segrave Thanks His Well Wishers

Sir Henry Segrave speaks to an assembled crowd (unseen) as he enters a boathouse. This scene was probably filmed shortly before Segrave captured the water speed record driving 'Miss England II' on Lake Windermere.

Title: Segrave In His Rolls Royce

Segrave drives away from a crowd of people in his Rolls Royce. The Kendal bus is parked in the background as the conductor and driver have joined onlookers.

Title: The Visit Of HRH The Prince of Wales July 1930

The sequence opens with crowds of onlookers at the official opening of Constantine College, Middlesbrough. Bunting and flags decorate the street. A sign reads 'Long Life and Happiness to our Beloved Prince.' Quick travelling shot along lines of people standing by the road with shops in the background.

Title: How We Saw The Prince

Low angle shot of an upper floor enclosed balcony where a small group of men and women are standing to view the procession. They smile at the camera. A sign behind the group reads Dr J Collis Brownes Chlorodyne. A woman in a cloche hat waves at the camera. The camera moves along the balcony as a man emerges from behind a curtain where signs in the background windows advertise Agfa Photo Supplies. A military regiment marches past in the street.

Title: The Prince

HRH The Prince of Wales drives past in the motorcade and waves at the crowd. The crowd waves back. A man in a bowler hat runs beside the royal car. Elevated view of a flag display and very crowded square. The prince is glimpsed raising his bowler hat as the car drives through the crowd.

Title: Prince George’s Visit To Middlesbrough 15.2.33 Title: The Mayor

The Mayor gets out of an official car and enters a building. Police guard the entrance. There are photographers carrying large format cameras on heavy wooden tripod in the background. HRH Prince George gets out of the car, looks towards camera, and enters the same building as the Mayor, accompanied by many officials in civilian dress.

Title: The Prince

The royal motorcade arrives along a cobbled street. People line the street.

Title: The Prince Departs

A very dark shot of the royal car departing.

Title: Reminiscences of our Holiday Tour in Edinburgh and the Border Country

Title: Bamburgh Castle

A car is parked on a long winding road leading to Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. The silhouette of the castle appears in the background.

Title: Grace Darling’s Monument Bamburgh

There are several shots of the Grace Darling memorial, St Aidan’s churchyard, Bamburgh, Northumberland.

Title: Stained Glass Window Bamburgh

Interior shot of one of the stained glass windows of two saints or religious figures, one holding the head of a man in a crown.

Title: Bamburgh Castle

View of Bamburgh Castle from the village.

Title: The Gateway

View of the 12th century Gatehouse, the east gate of the castle, with rounded towers flanking a tunnel-vaulted archway. Two men in suits and hats walk in through the gate.

Title: The Portcullis

Shot of the portcullis gateway taken from the interior, which frames the view outside. A woman, possibly Kate Brown, the filmmaker's wife, walks through the gateway.

Title: An Arrow Window

This sequence of film shows close-ups of an arrow window in the exterior wall of Bamburgh Castle. Next, there are views of a tower, battlements and walls of the castle, set into a dramatic volcanic rock outcrop, taken at the foot of the castle. Kate Brown walks down the steep steps leading down from the castle.

Title: Scottish National War Memorial

There is a shot of the entrance doorway to the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Castle. An inscription above the door reads: "To The Glory of God & In Memory of Scots Who Fell 1914 1918." Brief close-up of the face of a man in the left foreground as he holds his hat and turns to face the camera.

Title: The Entrance

The next sequence shows the entrance, stone sculptures each side of the entrance, and central façade of the Scottish National War Memorial building. A small group stands in the doorway.

Title: Edinburgh Zoo

Extended sequences filmed in Edinburgh Zoo, that include various animals in their enclosures, animals fed by visitors and by zoo keepers, the elephant and camel rides. The following titles indicate the content:

Title: The Seals

Title: h.m. the penguin

Title: Feeding Time

A zoo keeper feeds penguins from a bucket as they queue up for their turn in a line

Title: Elephant

Title: A Camel. Or Perhaps It’s A Dromedary!

Title: The Timid Deer

Title: The Polar Bears

Title: Stunting

Title: The Brown Bear

Title: The Kangaroo

Title: Feeding Time

Kate Brown feeds an ostrich in its enclosure.

Title: The Secretary Bird

Title: Peacock

Title: Berwick-on-Tweed

Title: The Scots Gate - a modern gate on the site of the Elizabethan Ramparts

View of the stone arch and walls of Scots Gate on Marygate, Berwick -Upon-Tweed. A family group walks through the arch.

Title: Coxon’s Tower and Georgian Walls

There is a view of Coxon’s Tower and the walls at the quayside, Wellington Terrace, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Title: The Saluting Battery N.B. Wall Thickness

Four large cannons stand at the wall guarding the mouth of the Tweed. A man sits astride the cannon and mimes a cannon salute, then runs to the walls and looks over.

Title: Berwick, The Bridges

Three men row down the River Tweed in a boat called a coble. Background view of the spans of the three Berwick-Upon-Tweed bridges.

Title: Salmon Fishing On The Tweed

Title: Loading Nets On The Boat

Three fishermen are loading the nets onto a coble, dressed in waterproof trousers and flat caps. One of the fisherman stares at camera.

Title: Casting The Nets

The three men row along the walled harbour casting the nets across the river. As the men row, the net gradually feeds out from the boat.

Title: The Ends Drawn In

Title: Manpower

One man on dry land hand hauls the net, which has been first cast from the boat.

Title: Then The Winch

A group of men in waders haul the long line of the net onto the shore using a winch.

Title: A Catch!

As the nets are hauled in, the catch is only two salmon. The salmon are placed in the coble with the nets.

Title: The Forth Bridge

Sequence that shows the cantilever railway bridge, The Forth Bridge, across the Firth of Forth, filmed from South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, Scotland. Travelling shot of full length of the bridge and the approach onto the banks of South Queensferry.

Title: Kelso Abbey Founded By David I In 1128

There are views of the remains of the west tower crossing and part of the infirmary of Kelso Abbey.

Title: Jedburgh Abbey

The film then cuts to different views of the nave, arcades and west front of Jedburgh Abbey.

Title: Dryburgh Abbey, Containing Tombs of Scott and Earl Haig

Several people walk around the railings of the north transept of the ruined Dryburgh Abbey. A woman stands on the railings and peers over. The camera pans across the upper features of the abbey, followed by shots of lower ground floor architectural details.

Title: Norman Door Leading To The Cloisters, 12th Century Work

Kate and Mabel Brown walk through the Norman arch and down steps that lead to the cloisters, Dryburgh Abbey.

Title: Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott’s Home

There is a brief shot of the grand house designed by Walter Scott at Abbotsford.

Title: Gretna Green

A sign on the front of the Old Blacksmiths buildings at Gretna Green reads: 'This is the famous old Blacksmith Shop & Marriage Room.' The camera pans left. Kate and Mabel Brown stand outside the shop, which features signs advertising books, postcards and relics for sale and Gretna Green as a famous location for runaway marriages. Kate and Tom Brown walk out of the blacksmiths smiling. Mabel and Kate Brown walk past the blacksmith’s gable wall with a poster on board that advertises 'The City Picture House, English Street, Carlisle, Sidney Bacon’s Pictures, a First Class Orchestra.'

End credits: Photography by T.H. Brown

[Note: Title No: 10488 by T. H. Brown also has scenes of salmon net fishing in Berwick-Upon-Tweed.]