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NEFA 12152



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This compilation of black and white amateur film by Middlesbrough dentist Tom H. Brown shows friends and family at leisure in North Yorkshire, and special family occasions such as the wedding of friends Charlotte Leng and John Dales Proudlock in Leeds. There are visits to locations in Redcar, Saltburn, Scarborough and the grounds of Ormesby Hall, North Yorkshire. Footage includes a brief hand tinted scene.

TH Brown Presents
Movie No. 5
Photographed by T. H. Brown

Title: The Wedding of Charlotte Leng To J.Proudlock
Title: The Prospective Bridegroom

The bridegroom and best man, Ralph Watson Proudlock, in a bowler hat wait in the street. They smile at camera.

Title: ‘Pa-In-Law Supervises.’

The bride's cousin Harold Beadnall, her father Edward Leng, and two family friends stand at the Talbot Road gate to the Leng family house in Roundhay, Leeds.

Title: ‘Leaving For The Church’

The bride's father, the bride's mother Emily Leng, the bridegroom's mother Emily Proudlock, Leslie Leng and the bridegroom get out of the wedding car.

Title: ‘After The Ceremony’

Charlotte Leng and John Proudlock leave from the South Door of St Edmund's Church in Roundhay, Leeds, after the wedding ceremony. They are followed by the best man with bridesmaid  Nancy Leng, Leslie Leng with bridesmaid Margot Leng, the bride's mother and father and bridegroom's mother, the bride's cousin Harold Beadnall and Chrissie Beadnall. The bride and groom sit in the back of the wedding car. Wedding guests congregate in the background.

Title: ‘The Bridesmaids’

The bridesmaids pose for wedding pictures holding bouquets in Roundhay Park.

Title: ‘Posing For The Photograph’

Charlotte Leng and J. Proudlock pose in gardens for the wedding photograph.

Title: ‘By Skilful Use Of Wing Collar Tom Gets On The Photograph’

Various shots show the wedding party posing for wedding photographs.

Title: ‘We Stroll In the Park While The Happy Couple Change’

Tom Brown strolls with a woman on his arm, accompanied by his wife, Kate.

Title: ‘ ’Im And ‘Is Missis’

Charlotte Leng is helped from a car by her husband, both now dressed in normal day clothes.

Title: ‘’Our Gang’

Several wedding guests leave a country house, probably the Spittle family, with Kate and Tom Brown behind Charlotte Leng and J. Proudlock.

Title: The Conroys

Family friends, the Conroys, walk along a coastal path on cliffs with sea in background.

Title ‘Gee Up”

The Conroys continue the walk along the coastal path. The man carries a child up the path and the child waves to camera.

Title: ‘The Heat Wave’

There are playful scenes of Tom and wife, Kate Brown, in their garden during hot weather. Kate helps her husband take off his shirt. They fool around in the garden.

Title: ‘The Rest Has Been Censored.’

The film shows Tom watering a climbing plant. Kate is then shown holding the watering contraption.

Title: ‘Redcar’

There are general scenes at the busy outdoor swimming pool in Redcar. People are swimming, boating and diving into the pool. A large balloon buoy floating in the pool advertises 'Jackson & Ben’s; Middlesbrough.'

Title: ‘The Greasy Pole’

The film shows further scenes of people diving and playing on a raft.

Title: ‘Sammy Performs’

A family friend performs a handstand on a raft in Redcar outdoor swimming pool.

Title: ‘Kaye Swims’

Kate Brown swims to the side of the outdoor pool in Redcar.

Title: Daisy Tries Some Horseplay’

Kate and friend Daisy fool around with a floating barrel in the pool. Kate again practises swimming.

Title: 'Whee'

Daisy slides into Redcar outdoor swimming pool and swims away from camera.

Title: ‘Saltburn

The film shows various scenes of Kate and Tom Brown in the sea at Saltburn. The film cuts to Tom, Kate and friends walking along a landscaped coastal promenade.

Title: ‘Scarborough’

There is a general view across the South Bay towards Scarborough Castle. The camera pans left to show the cliff edge, the headland and a view of the lighthouse.

Title: ‘The Evening Sky’

There are three hand-coloured film sequences that show clouds in the sky and the silhouetted landscape against an evening sky.

Title; ‘Ormesby Hall’

The film shows Kate (nee Spittle), with two women, probably members of the Spittle family, walking through the grounds of Ormesby Hall, near Middlesbrough.

Title: ‘The Pearson-Burden Love Nest.’

There are various views of Auntie Jinny Briarvale’s house decorated with banners saying 'Welcome Home Kiss-Proof & Honey.' and 'Just Married' awaiting the return of a newly-wed couple.

‘Title: ‘Dorothy & Bernard’

The final part of the film shows a man and woman in a garden, probably Dorothy Taylor and Bernard, friends of the filmmaker.

End title; ‘The End’