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Colour travelogue of a cruise around communist Yugoslavia in the summer of 1955, made by Middlesbrough amateur filmmaker Tom H. Brown. The film records the architecture, monuments and local landmarks that he visits with his wife. Footage also includes a focus on national dress outside the Western fashion system, and this film offers examples of cultural contrasts in examples of dress.

Title: Dubrovnik. Putnik Guide. Reel 2

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Gruz Harbour

Locals wait at Gruz Harbour, shot from a ship approaching the harbour.

Title: Hotel Excelsior. Dubrovnik. Jugoslavia.

Another shot from the ship shows the Hotel Excelsior on the waterfront. Looking down from a high vantage point we can see a rock swimming pool and Kate Brown is floating in the seawater. A general view shows Dubrovnik waterfront.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Fortress of St. Lawrence

There is a general view of St Lawrence Fortress. Kate Brown looks up at a statue on a plinth. A car loaded with vegetables on roof rack panniers drives erratically towards camera from an arched gateway, possibly Pile Gate. Pedestrians quickly move to get out of the path of the car.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Placa

There are general views of the Placa (Stradun) main street or square, with narrow, steep side streets and balconies in the old town. Local children are sitting on doorsteps.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Franciscan Cloisters

Kate Brown walks through the cloisters of the Franciscan monastery. A general view of the façade of the cloister is followed by shots of the details of the building. Kate Brown smells the flowers growing in the courtyard.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Franciscan Pharmacy 1317

A group of tourists exit from the door to the Franciscan Pharmacy building.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Dominican Glass

There is a (blurred) shot of a stained glass window, possibly in the Dominican monastery.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Cathedral 1667

The Assumption Cathedral stands at the end of a street. The film cuts to a shot of choppy sea and of an island, taken from a boat.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Sponza Palace

There is a general view of the Sponza Palace façade from the Placa street.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Courtyard of Rector’s Palace There is a shot of the shaded courtyard of the Rector’s Palace.

Title: Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik. Roland’s Column 15th C.

There is a shot of a sculpture of a knight holding a sword on Roland’s Column (also known as Orlando’s column) in Luza Square.

Title: Early Morning

Local people are buying and selling produce in a market. Fruit and vegetables are piled onto stalls. An old woman is wearing traditional Yugoslavian dress.

Title: The Passing Show

A man pushes a wheeled cart loaded with ice to the market. There is a shot of a young boy in casual shorts. The next shots focus on individuals and their dress, with some people wearing traditional Yugoslavian costume. A sailor and soldier in uniforms walk past together. An old woman is dressed all in black (denoting widowhood.) A young woman in a 1950s style black dress carries a large wooden box through the busy market. There are more shots of women carrying boxes of produce. A woman is then pictured dressed in a traditional white costume from head to toe.

Title: Modern Art By Meötrovic

A woman stands at the entrance to a temple-like building decorated with columns of women sculpted in the style of Egyptian mummies. Various details of the carved stone decoration are shown. There is a general view from the harbour towards the steep cliff side streets of the town. Kate Brown stands next to a rowing boat at Dubrovnik harbour. A close-up focuses on a lamp fixed to the front of the boat for night trips.

An arrow on a hand drawn map of Europe indicates Trebinje as the next destination.

Title: Yugoslavia. Trebinje

There is a shot of an elegantly dressed man. A sign reads, 'Mustafe Catovic. Krojac.' [Note: Some frames are missing due to damaged film.] There are general views of Trebinje and a shot towards a tall thin tower, which may be the minaret of the the Osman Pasa Mosque. A group of women gather on the street.

Title: Yugoslavia. Trebinje. Muezzin

A close-up (taken from some distance) shows the muezzin, an Islamic religious official appointed to call Muslims to prayer, with a flat-topped conical red hat, talking into an object that looks like a walkie-talkie.

Title: Yugoslavia. Trebinje. School

A group of three young girls, dressed in contemporary 1950s skirts, emerge from a school or university building. The following scenes depict two local women in traditional rural dress. A young woman drives two donkeys carrying heavy loads along the street and covers her face with her scarf as she passes the camera. Another older woman riding on a donkey harnessed to a cart follows, and does not cover her face. A shot of a cactus plant records the graffiti carved into its leaves, and bushes are pictured in bloom. There is a view down onto the beach where sunbathers are relaxing, many wearing minimal clothes. Next, there is a close-up of a 1955 sky blue Ford car with USA, California license plates. Further shots of vehicle license plates illustrate the different nationalities of visitors and a shot of the boat name sign 'Partizanka' follows. People disembark from a boat. There is a travelling shot from a boat of people standing on a quayside as a boat approaches.

An arrow on a hand drawn map indicates Rijeka on the Adriatic Sea as the next destination.

Title: Yugoslavia. Rijeka

Two men are loading wine bottles into a wooden crate on the quayside. The cruise ship 'Partizanka' is moored at Rijeka harbour. Two local women walk across a square. A group of people stand on the deck of a ship. The ship pulls away from Rijeka. There is a shot of the wake of the ship in the sea. A sequence of shots show a Russian ship in the water followed by large cruise ships such as the Moore McCormack Lines moored at the docks. A close-up shows Kate Brown smiling. Tom Brown smiles and looks through binoculars. There is a general view across the sea towards a town.

An arrow on a hand drawn map indicates Venice as the next destination.

End title: Reel 3 Follows