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NEFA 13589



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Amateur colour travelogue by Middlesbrough based filmmaker Tom H. Brown that records a holiday in the Scottish Highlands with his wife, Kate. The film focuses on the architecture, mountain scenery and lochs that they visit.

Title: Movie No. 40

Title: Skye ’54. Peat

A woman cuts peat in the Isle of Skye. A shot of the British Rail waiting room building for the Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin Ferry crossing on Skye follows. There is a view of the ferry operating across Kyle Akin and a shot of the strip of water and mountains in the background. The ferry arrives at a landing point. Kate Brown looks out across the water. Cars drive off the ferry.

Title: Skye ’54. Shearing

Close-ups of a man hand shearing sheep and of the branding of the sheared sheep with an 'E.' Sheep fleeces are seen in a pile. A man hangs a sack on a wooden structure. Another man puts fleece in a hanging sack.

Title: Skye ’54. Cuillins

The camera pans across the landscape of the Cuillin range of mountains on the Isle of Skye, with heavy cloud in the sky. There is a close-up of a sign for Glenfinnan in the Scottish Highlands and a general view of Loch Shiel with the Glenfinnan Monument beside the shore.Close-up of the statue of an anonymous highlander in a kilt. Next, a sign reads 'Scene of the Massacre of Glencoe 13th February 1692.' Kate Brown walks past a rocky crag. General view of the mountain scenery.

The film cuts to Kate walking behind a Scottish bagpipe player in full traditional dress of kilt, jacket and tamo’shanter. A waterfall can be seen in the background. The bagpipe player gestures for Kate to stand directly behind him as he plays. He walks towards the camera playing (staged shot.) The bag pipe player talks to Kate. Further shots show him walking up and down towards camera playing the bagpipes.

Title: Trossachs ’54. Monarch of the Glen

A highland bull with huge horns eyes the camera. A close-up of the bull’s head follows.

Title: Trossachs ’54. Katrine’s Loch

Kate Brown poses and talks, against a background of Loch Katrine and mountains, probably at Trossachs Pier on the eastern shore of the loch. There are shots of a steamer cruise ship with passengers on the loch.

Title: Stirling Castle

Close-up of a brochure for Stirling Castle.

Title: Stirling Castle. The Portcullis Gate

Overhead shot as Kate walks out of the Portcullis Gate. Shot of the castle stonewalls. Inside the gate the film records a regiment of soldiers as they march through.

Title: Stirling Castle. The Mint

General view of the area around the North Gate where it is said that there was a mint operating.

Title: Stirling Castle. Great Hall 1480

General view of the façade of the Great Hall building.

Title: Stirling Castle. Chapel Royal. Built By James 6 1594

A man in white overalls walks out of the Chapel Royal door into the Inner Close.

Title: Stirling Castle. The Douglas Room, James 2, 1452

There is a shot of a non-descript corner gateway, followed by a shot of a coat of arms in stained glass of a shield with an arm clutching a roll of parchment.

Title: Stirling Castle. The Palace, Built By James 5, 1535

A military van drives past in the outer close in front of the Palace. Two soldiers march across the courtyard of the Outer Close. A man and woman stand in the foreground. There is a close-up of a wooden church sign that reads, 'In This Church James VI was crowned, Mary Queen of Scots worshipped, and John Knox preached.' Shot of the Church of the Holy Rude, near the castle. Kate Brown walks down the road leading from the church.

Title: Linlithgow Palace. Birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots

Title: The Gateway

General view of the Outer gate of the palace and a close-up focuses on the series of four decorative stone orders of chivalry above the arch.

Title: Linlithgow Palace. Q. Margaret’s Bower. Jas 4 & Margt Tudor

The camera pans up to the top of the north-west tower, known as Queen Margaret’s Bower. A close-up of the tower reveals Kate Brown at a window, where she shields her eyes looking out and then smiles.

Title: Linlithgow Palace. The Fountain

Overhead view of the elaborately carved stone Fountain in the palace courtyard, commissioned by James V. Kate holds her hand under a trickle of water from the fountain, which appears to be bright pink.