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Amateur home movie compilation that records family visits in North Yorkshire and the Pennines, produced between 1952 and 1953. The film includes scenes of a stonemason at work on the Frank Elgee memorial stone and the dedication ceremony at Rosedale Head on the North York Moors in 1953. Frank Elgee was an archaeologist, geologist and naturalist, and former curator of the Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough. There is also footage of travel in Belgium and Germany with scenes filmed at Brussels, Lake Constance, and Rothenburg in Bavaria.

Title: Movie No. 37

Title: Goredale Scar.

General view of the ravine at Gordale Scar, Malham Cove. Kate Brown climbs the rocks at the bottom of the gorge. Next there is a shot of the waterfall. She sits with her feet in a stream.

Title: Teesdale: To Cauldron Snout.

General view of Cauldron Snout. Portrait shot of Kate with her son Tony and daughter Helen. They climb rocks by Cauldron Snout waterfall. Tony clambers on the rocks. The three sit beside the waterfall. Tony waves to camera. General view of the waterfall, followed by close-ups of the water falling down a gorge. High angle view of the waterfall and pool.

Title: Teesdale. Cooling Off.

Various shots of Kate and Helen Brown on the rocks beside the waterfall.

Title: Castle Howard, 1952.

Kate and Helen Brown stand by the Atlas Fountain in the gardens of Castle Howard stately home. The south façade of the building can be seen in the background. There is a close-up of the sculpture figure of Atlas carrying the globe at the centre of the fountain. Kate and Helen Brown walk through the formal gardens on the south front of Castle Howard. There is a close-up of the Howard family coat of arms carved in stone.

Title: Helen Plus WS = H Plus Crutches. Spring 1953.

Various shots of Helen on crutches (following skiing accident)walking along a seafront path with her mother Kate and brother, Tony Brown.

A sign for Sutton Bank warns of a 1 in 5 gradient. Tony Brown stands next to a No Parking sign. Motorbikes, cars, and groups of people gather in a grass lay by. There is a shot down a steep road, followed by a general view of Sutton Bank with low thick cloud. A group of people look out over the valley. Sunlight filters through thick cloud, a silhouetted tree stands in the foreground. Sunlight flares into the camera lens. Tony Brown looks down a steep bank to the winding road on the valley floor. A shot of a stationary silver car follows. Tony walks towards the car and opens the door.

Title: Dr F. Elgee Memorial, Committee at proposed site. 3.5.53

General view of heather moorland, probably near Loose Howe on Rosedale Moor. Kate Brown walks by a moorland road. A primitive Christian stone cross, called Ralph’s Cross, is visible in the background. Kate Brown walks on burned heather moors. General view of Ralph’s Cross in the landscape. The next shots show various groups of older men who gather around a camera and tripod set up on the moorland. Signposts point to Rosedale Abbey and Castleford, Farndale and Hutton-le-Hole. A committee of six men line up for the camera.

Title: The next stage.

Various shots of a stonemason in his yard, carving the lettering 'archaeologist' and 'naturalist' into a small flat-topped boulder. Kate and Tom walk up to the stonemason and question him about the work. A close-up of the stonemason carving lettering follows. The boulder rests on rock supports and the inscription reads: 'Frank Elgee 1880-1944.'

Title: 21.10.53

Cars are parked at a roadside back at Rosedale Head. The carved memorial is wrapped in a Union Jack. A large group of people wait for the unveiling of a memorial to Frank Elgee. The Earl of Feversham and Mr G. O. Fox examine the memorial stone. The two men talk to Harriet Elgee, wife of Frank Elgee.

Title: The Earl of Feversham.

The Earl of Feversham unveils the Elgee memorial stone. Portrait shot of the Earl as he delivers his speech to the crowd. Harriet Elgee delivers a speech as the Earl stands by.

Title: Mr. G.O. Fox MA, The Convenor.

There is a group shot of the committee with the Earl of Feversham and G.O. Fox. The Earl hands the convenor a book (?). After the ceremony, the Earl of Feversham lights a cigarette. G.O. Fox smiles and talks with Harriet Elgee.

Title: For Posterity

Tom Brown kneels next to the memorial, which bears the inscription 'Frank Elgee 1880-1944,' and on the reverse side 'Naturalist. Archaeologist.' Rosedale Head is bathed in bright sunshine. A huntsman on horse, accompanied by a dog, rides slowly past the memorial site.

Title: Brussels

Close-up of a small bronze fountain sculpture of a naked boy urinating into the fountain’s basin, a landmark in Brussels. The film cuts to a shot of Kate Brown in a silver car, driving into a garage. She walks into a garden with her son.

Title: Germany. Konstanz.

General view of a steamboat or ferry named the Deutschland docked in harbour at Lake Constance (Bodensee) on the Rhine. A glamorous couple are idly peddling a pleasure craft on the water. The woman wears a bikini; a matching wrap is draped in the boat. In the background a simple wooden pier is visible. A woman in a cotton print dirndl skirt runs along the pier. Shots of a wooden pier, headed by two towers, and general view of the lakeside follow. There is a brief shot of a steamboat cruiser called the 'Austria'. Kate Brown walks past arm-in-arm with a dark-haired woman. The 'Austria' is moored at a wooden pier. Kate Brown stands next to the boat, which flies a German flag. The Lindau lighthouse and statue of a lion stand at the entrance to the harbour. A boat moves out of the harbour. There is a brief shot of two ship crew officers on a deck. Close-up of a sign for Donauwörth, located in Bavaria. There is a shot of a fast flowing river (probably the meeting of the Danube and Wörnitz), a wooden bridge supported on concrete pillars, and a city on the far bank.

Title: Germany. Storks, July 1953.

A close-up of a stork’s nest on the domed roof of a church tower is followed by a general view of the tower.

Title: Germany. Rothenburg. Arms of Toppler.

Various stained glass crests appear in a large glass window relating to Heinrich Toppler, mayor of Rothenburg from 1378. Then, there is a general view towards the Röder Arch and Markus Tower in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Title: Germany. Rothenburg. Von Staudt House.

Exterior view of the Von Staudt House in Herngasse, followed by a close-up of an intricate carved coat of arms with dedication. There are highly decorated wrought iron window bars in a Baroque style at the house. An old Bavarian woman leans out of a large upper floor window and looks down the street.